.11 Facilities and Operating Standards.

A. Except to provide food, water, and exercise for animals, indoor and outdoor facilities, cages, pens, enclosures, and other areas shall be sufficiently separate from domestic animals and human living or work space in order to prevent human contact with the animals.

B. Animals shall be caged with like species except when:

(1) Removal is necessary for veterinary treatment;

(2) Being transferred to another licensed rehabilitator; or

(3) Being prepared to be released into the wild.

C. Facilities.

(1) A facility where animals are kept shall be structurally sound and in good repair in order to protect the animals from injury, contain the animals securely, and prevent other animals from entering.

(2) Reptile and amphibian species shall be housed in accordance with COMAR 08.03.11.

(3) Animal enclosures shall provide sufficient space to allow each animal to make normal postural and social adjustments with adequate freedom of movement.

(4) Malnutrition, poor condition, debility, stress, or abnormal behavior patterns are indicators of inadequate space.

(5) Adequate potable water shall be available on the premises.

(6) Reliable and adequate electrical power shall be available on the premises if required to comply with other regulations in this chapter.