.02 Shooting from Offshore Stationary Blinds or Blind Sites.

A. A person may not shoot or attempt to shoot wild waterfowl from any unlicensed stationary blind or blind site in this State.

B. A person may not hunt or attempt to hunt wild waterfowl from any tidal or nontidal waters of the State covered by ice, except at or from licensed stationary blinds or blind sites or from boats in areas where offshore waterfowl hunting is allowed by law or regulation as set forth in Natural Resources Article, Title 10, Subtitle 6, Annotated Code of Maryland, or COMAR 08.03. This regulation does not prohibit hunting or attempts to hunt wild waterfowl from ice-covered land, tidal wetlands, or nontidal wetlands, or the legal blind site licensee from hunting on the ice only within the distance limits required by statute.

C. A hunter or group of hunters hunting at a licensed offshore stationary blind or offshore blind site shall possess at least one copy of the license issued by the Department for the site.

D. Hunters shall mark offshore blind sites licensed by the Department with either a stake or buoy showing the licensee's name and license number. Blind site stakes shall be marked on all sides with reflective material at least 4 inches wide located at least 3 feet above the high water mark.