.05 Commercial — Archery Equipment.

A. Archery equipment shall have a retrieval line attached to any projectile.

B. An individual may use archery equipment to take any fish during an open commercial season except for the following species:

(1) All shark species;

(2) American lobster;

(3) Muskellunge;

(4) Muskellunge hybrids, including tiger musky;

(5) Northern pike;

(6) Snapping turtles;

(7) Striped bass;

(8) Striped bass hybrids;

(9) Walleye; and

(10) Any species listed as threatened or endangered under COMAR 08.03.08.

C. Additional Restrictions.

(1) Except as provided in §C(2) of this regulation, a person may not shoot archery equipment within 100 yards of any:

(a) Human being;

(b) Private or public swimming area;

(c) International diving flag;

(d) Occupied duck blind; or

(e) Vessel other than the vessel occupied by the individual using archery equipment.

(2) The distance restriction in §C(1) of this regulation does not apply if the person using the archery equipment receives permission from all affected parties within that area prior to engaging in fishing activities.