.10 Bluefish.

A. Minimum Size. A person may not catch or possess bluefish less than 8 inches in total length.

B. Recreational Catch Limit. Except for a person licensed to catch finfish for sale, a person may not catch or possess more than ten bluefish per day.

C. Commercial Catch Limit. A coastwide quota and daily catch limit to be shared by Atlantic states will be established and published by National Marine Fisheries Service and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

D. General. The Secretary:

(1) May modify catch limits or open or close a season in State waters by publishing notice in a daily newspaper of general circulation at least 48 hours in advance, stating the effective hour and date; and

(2) Shall make reasonable effort to disseminate public notice through various other media so that an affected person has reasonable opportunity to be informed.