.04 Crab Scrapes.

A. A crab scrape may not:

(1) Have a bar wider than 60 inches;

(2) Have teeth or projections of any kind;

(3) Have a flat plate attached to the scraping bar, which is the bar that touches the bottom;

(4) Have a diver, chain, or other device attached to it or the taking line to hold the scrape to the bottom; and

(5) Exceed 80 pounds in weight, including the bag.

B. Number of Scrapes Permitted.

(1) A person may not use more than two scrapes in any vessel that is propelled by an engine.

(2) Scrapes may not be affixed to each other so as to form a single fishing unit.

C. Prohibited Areas. Scrapes are prohibited in the following areas:

(1) St. Mary's River—that portion lying upriver from a line drawn between Chancellor Point and Portobello Point;

(2) Calvert Bay and Smith Creek—that portion north of a line drawn between Kitts Point and Lawson Point;

(3) All submerged lands leased for shellfish cultivation in accordance with Natural Resources Article, Title 4, Subtitle 11A, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(4) The waters of the Chesapeake Bay and tidal tributaries north of a line extending in a westerly direction from the southern point of the mouth of Punch Island Creek in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 3825'15.2"N., Long. 7617'19.7"W. to Cove Point in Calvert County defined by Lat. 3823'05.4"N., Long. 7622'52.3"W.

D. Hand Scrapes. Notwithstanding §C(4) of this regulation, a person may use a single scrape not wider than 48 inches and not heavier than 45 pounds north of the line defined in §C(4) of this regulation in the following areas:

(1) The area of the Chesapeake Bay east of a line drawn from a point at or near Cook Point in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 3837'41.5"N., Long. 7617'21.1"W.; then running approximately 193 True to a point at or near Hills Point in Dorchester County defined by Lat. 3834'19.9"N., Long. 7618'21.2"W.; and

(2) The waters of Queen Anne's County and Kent County.