.06 Response to Request.

A. If the custodian grants a written request for inspection, the custodian shall produce the public record for inspection immediately or within a reasonable period, not to exceed 30 days from the date the custodian receives the request.

B. If the custodian denies the written request, the custodian shall do so within 30 days of receipt of the written request. The custodian shall immediately notify the applicant of the denial, and within 10 working days of the denial provide the applicant with a written statement that gives:

(1) The reasons for the denial;

(2) The legal authority for the denial; and

(3) Notice of the remedies available under State Government Article, 10-611—10-628, Annotated Code of Maryland, for review of the denial.

C. If a requested public record is not in the custody or control of the individual to whom written application is made, the individual shall notify the applicant within 10 working days of the receipt. If the individual knows the name of the custodian of the record or the location or possible location of the record, this information shall also be given to the applicant.

D. With the consent of the applicant, any time imposed by this regulation may be extended.

E. The custodian shall deny inspection of a public record as required under State or federal law.

F. The custodian may deny inspection of a public record as permitted under State or federal law.

G. Except for use in carrying out its governmental functions, the custodian shall not disclose, and shall deny inspection or copying of, any part of a public record that contains sociological information relating to an individual. For purpose of this section, sociological information means:

(1) Social Security number;

(2) Personal address;

(3) Personal telephone number;

(4) Personal email address;

(5) Medical history;

(6) Educational history;

(7) Work history;

(8) Military service;

(9) Financial information;

(10) Religious preference, membership, and attendance;

(11) Personal relationships, beliefs, and values;

(12) Genealogical charts; and

(13) Family history.