.03 Registration and Licensing Requirements for Operating ORVs on Designated Areas.

A. Restrictions.

(1) Subject to the restrictions of §A(2)—(5) of this regulation, an individual may operate an ORV in the areas designated in Regulation .11 of this chapter.

(2) The operator shall be:

(a) The holder of a valid driver's license which is in the operator's possession;

(b) The holder of a Maryland instruction and examination learner's permit, which is in the operator's possession, and accompanied by a licensed driver; or

(c) 12 years old or older and accompanied on the trail by a parent or legal guardian who is the holder of a valid driverís license which is in the parentís or guardianís possession.

(3) The operator shall possess and have in the operatorís possession:

(a) An ORV registration issued by the Department; or

(b) A copy of the ORV lease or rental agreement which shall contain all of the following:

(i) Signature of the owner or the ownerís designee;

(ii) Signature of the person leasing or renting the ORV; and

(iii) Time period of the lease or rental.

(4) The ORV shall be registered annually with the:

(a) Department and display a registration sticker in accordance with the requirements of this regulation; or

(b) Motor Vehicle Administration as a licensed motor vehicle for on-road use.

B. Registration stickers and certificates of registration are available at the Departmentís regional service centers and from the Department and designated agents in accordance with §E of this regulation.

C. The applicant shall pay an applicable annual service charge and provide the required owner and ORV information.

D. The Department may furnish an ORV registration sticker and certificate of registration on consignment to a designated agent who provides a bond or other security considered sufficient and adequate by the Department to insure payment for the registration sticker and certificate of registration.

E. A registration sticker and certificate of registration issued by the Department:

(1) Shall be valid January 1 through December 31;

(2) Shall authorize use of the ORV only in those areas set forth in Regulation .11 of this chapter;

(3) May not be transferred; and

(4) May be revoked or suspended by the Department for a violation of this chapter.

F. A registration sticker shall be displayed on the left front portion of the vehicle to ensure visibility at 100 feet during daylight hours.

G. Daily reservation permits must be acquired online through the Departmentís ORV permit reservation systems. A printed copy of the online confirmation of the daily reservation permit shall be carried by the trail user while on the trail, and be available for inspection by authorized Departmental personnel upon request.