.03 Duties of the Administration.

A. The Administration shall annually certify to the Comptroller child support obligations which are:

(1) More than $150 in arrears; and

(2) Owed on cases in which the obligee is receiving services under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

B. The certification shall include, if known, the name of the obligor, Social Security number (when known), the total amount of accumulated arrears, the address, case number, and any known alias of the person certified, and the name of the obligee.

C. Written Notice of Certification.

(1) The Administration shall send a written notice of the certification to the last known address of the obligor at least 30 days before certification.

(2) The notice shall advise the obligor of the:

(a) Certification;

(b) Right to request an investigation; and

(c) Method of doing so.

D. The certification does not affect the authority of the Administration otherwise to enforce payment of support obligations under other provisions of this subtitle.

E. The Administration shall instruct the Comptroller to delete a certified obligation or to reduce a certified arrearage upon the Administration's conclusion that a person has been wrongly certified, or has since paid all or a significant portion of the support obligation arrearage.

F. In a case certified for non-TCA arrears only, the Administration shall remit the intercepted amount to the obligee within 30 days after its receipt from the Comptroller, if no appeal of intercept is made.