.01 Purpose and Scope.

A. Family Investment Programs.

(1) The Family Investment Programs (FIP) provide assistance to individuals and families with children. The assistance program components under FIP include Welfare Avoidance Grants, Temporary Cash Assistance, Office of Home Energy Programs and alternative programs.

(2) The scope of the following programs are as follows:

(a) Temporary Cash Assistance provides cash assistance while preparing program participants for independence.

(b) Office of Home Energy Programs includes:

(i) Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP); and

(ii) Electric User Service Provider (EUSP).

B. At the request of a local department of social services, the Secretary of Human Services may grant a waiver for a period of up to 2 years to the local department from having to comply with specific provisions of State law or regulations that are within the Secretary's scope of authority. The Secretary shall grant the waiver in accordance with the Welfare Innovation Act of 1997.