.15 Color and Symbol Coding of Vehicle Discharge Valves.

A. To facilitate the clean transfer of motor fuel from a distribution point to a purchaser, discharge valves of vehicles used in transporting motor fuel shall be color coded. Color coding shall conform to the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended system which is found at COMAR

B. Whenever a petroleum transport vehicle loads product at a bulk plant, terminal, or distribution point, the operator of the vehicle shall attach a tag or identification card to each discharge valve or connection on the vehicle.

C. The tag or identification card shall be of the proper color code, indicating what product is in the line after loading the vehicle.

D. The color of the tag or card shall match the color coding of equipment at the loading facility for each grade of motor fuel loaded.

E. Care should be exercised at out-of-State loading facilities as their color coding systems may differ from Maryland's.

F. The petroleum transporter should ensure that each vehicle is furnished with sufficient tags or identification cards to be in compliance with this regulation.

G. Color coded tags or identification cards may not be removed from a discharge valve or connection until a different product is loaded and after thorough draining or when replacement is necessary.

H. Deliveries of motor fuel may not be made to any facility not in compliance with the color coding requirements of COMAR

I. The requirements of this regulation are not applicable to the storage or transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).