.08 Sweepstakes and Contests.

A. In General.

(1) Proposals for conducting a sweepstakes or contest in the State shall be submitted to the Bureau in time to be approved 14 days before the start of the contest or sweepstakes.

(2) A supplier or licensed wholesaler may sponsor a sweepstakes or contest in accordance with this chapter.

(3) A third-party promotional agency may sponsor a sweepstakes or contest if it complies with Regulation .07 of this chapter.

(4) A sweepstakes or contest may be advertised on radio, in newspapers, or in magazines if the licensed retailers are only referred to in general and not by name.

(5) A sweepstakes or contest held by a supplier or licensed wholesaler is not limited to a specific licensed retailer or group of licensed retailers.

(6) Instant winner vouchers shall be randomly placed in alcohol product packages if the licensed retailer has no knowledge of the placement and a record is kept of all parties who redeem a voucher.

(7) A licensed retailer may not participate in a sweepstakes or contest sponsored by a supplier or licensed wholesaler, or a third party representing a supplier or licensed wholesaler, except to display point-of-sale materials and provide entry blanks.

(8) A means of entry may be provided on neck hangers, or on or in caps, cap liners, corks, containers, label cartons, cases, or other material obtained by purchasing alcoholic beverages, if an alternative means of entry that does not require a purchase of alcoholic beverages is provided.

B. General Sweepstakes and Contest Rules.

(1) Sweepstakes and contest participants shall be of legal drinking age.

(2) A supplier, licensed wholesaler or retailer, or their families or employees are not eligible to participate or receive prizes.

(3) A purchase of alcoholic beverages is not required to enter a sweepstakes or contest.

(4) Contest rules shall state:

(a) The beginning date and deadline for entry;

(b) Prizes;

(c) Chances of winning;

(d) How winners are chosen; and

(e) Any other general rules.