.07 Third Parties and Charitable Groups.

A. In General.

(1) A third party, acting on behalf of a licensed supplier or licensed wholesaler, may not engage in a promotional activity that would not be approved if it were submitted by the licensed supplier or wholesaler.

(2) A supplier, licensed wholesaler, or third party may not use a charitable or nonprofit organization, a person or entity affiliated with or related to a licensee, or another third party, as a surrogate to circumvent the alcoholic beverage statutes or regulations.

(3) A charitable group may engage in independent fund-raising activities on licensed retail premises.

(4) A charitable group may receive a legitimate, non-product donation from a supplier or licensed wholesaler when the charitable group does not possess a retail license.

(5) A representative of a third party who engages in an approved alcoholic beverage promotional activity on behalf of a supplier or licensed wholesaler shall obtain a Maryland solicitor's permit in accordance with COMAR

B. Requests for Approval.

(1) Information pertaining to promotional activities involving the direct or indirect involvement of a supplier or licensed wholesaler shall be submitted in accordance with Regulation .12 of this chapter.

(2) When a third party is used to submit a proposal on behalf of the licensee, the proposal shall be accompanied by a letter signed by the licensee or, in the case of a corporation, by a corporate officer of the licensee indicating the licensee's:

(a) Designation of the relationship of the third party; and

(b) Acceptance of full responsibility for all activities of the third party while acting on behalf of the licensee.