.04 Alcoholic Beverage Lists.

A. In General.

(1) Except as provided in this regulation, a supplier, licensed wholesaler, or person connected with a supplier or licensed wholesaler may not furnish, procure, or otherwise prepare an alcoholic beverage list for a licensed retailer.

(2) A licensed retailer may prepare and provide the retailer's own alcoholic beverage list if there is not an exclusive arrangement with consideration given by a supplier or licensed wholesaler to the licensed retailer.

(3) A supplier may procure alcoholic beverage lists for a licensed retailer. The supplier shall charge the licensed retailer fair market value or higher.

(4) A list sold to a licensed retailer is not limited on the quantity and type of products listed.

(5) A licensed retailer and licensed wholesaler shall maintain documentation on their respective premises for a period of 2 years for lists sold to a licensed retailer.

B. Table Tents. Alcoholic Beverages table tents may be personalized if the personalized portion is not more than 1/2 of the overall table tent.