.15 Consumer Orders of Alcoholic Beverages.

A. Before an unlicensed individual or entity, other than a licensed retailer, engages in the business of taking orders for alcoholic beverages from Maryland consumers for ultimate sale and delivery by a licensed retail dealer, the individual or entity shall receive an authorization letter from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.

B. In order to receive authorization, an applicant shall submit a detailed plan to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau:

(1) Giving the names of all licensees the applicant is representing directly or indirectly; and

(2) Agreeing to comply with all of the laws and regulations pertaining to alcoholic beverages, and any stipulations or restrictions that may be made a part of the authorization.

C. An authorization given is valid indefinitely or until revoked or modified by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.

D. Illegal or improper activities engaged in by an individual or entity receiving orders from consumers, with or without a letter of authorization, may subject a licensee represented by the individual or entity as an agent to administrative action.

E. Alcoholic beverages sold and delivered as a result of a consumer order placed with an individual or entity shall be made through a supplier to a wholesaler to a retail dealer, all of whom shall hold the requisite license or permit.