.04 Quarterly Certifications.

A. A nonparticipating manufacturer that is required to make quarterly escrow payments under Regulation .03 of this chapter shall file a quarterly certification of compliance with the Attorney General. The nonparticipating manufacturer's certification shall be in the form and manner posted on the Attorney General's website and shall provide:

(1) The identity of the nonparticipating manufacturer reporting and the quarter being reported;

(2) The number of units sold by brand family for the quarter being reported;

(3) The applicable escrow rate and payment;

(4) The name of the financial institution in which the qualified escrow fund is held;

(5) The amount of the escrow deposit and proof of deposit, such as a counter receipt or statement;

(6) Any other information necessary to ensure compliance with this regulation.

B. The quarterly certification required under this regulation does not affect a nonparticipating manufacturer's obligation to file annual certifications under Business Regulation Article, §16-503, Annotated Code of Maryland.