.07 Payment of Fees and Fines.

A. Payee. Checks for fees required by the Maryland Securities Act, the Maryland Franchise Registration and Disclosure Law, or the Maryland Business Opportunities Sales Act, or for fines or civil penalties imposed by the Commissioner, shall be made payable to "Office of the Attorney General".

B. Overpayment of Fees.

(1) If the Division discovers an overpayment in an amount of $35 or greater in a fee paid directly to the Division, the Division shall notify the person submitting the fee that the person may be entitled to a refund.

(2) Refund Request.

(a) A person that wishes to obtain a refund of an overpayment shall:

(i) Advise the Division that the person wishes to receive a refund; and

(ii) Provide the Division with the person's federal tax identification number.

(b) A request for a refund of an overpayment shall be made within 90 days after the overpayment or the mailing of any notice given by the Division.

(3) Processing Refund Request. The Division shall forward a request for a refund and the person's tax identification number to the Fiscal Division of the Office of the Attorney General for processing.

(4) Application of Overpayment to Fees for Subsequent Years. An overpayment of a fee may not be applied to fees due for subsequent years.