.20 Recording.

A. Proceedings shall be recorded by:

(1) A stenographer;

(2) A court reporting service; or

(3) Electronic recording.

B. Transcription.

(1) Judicial Review of a Final Order. If a recorded proceeding has not been transcribed by a court reporting service before the filing of a petition for judicial review of a final order, and the parties are not filing a statement in lieu of record pursuant to Maryland Rule 7-206(b), the first party seeking judicial review shall:

(a) Order the transcript from a court reporting service; and

(b) Within 30 days of filing the petition for judicial review, have the court reporting service deliver a copy of the transcript to the Agency's administrative hearing clerk for transmittal to the clerk of the court.

(2) Expense of Transcription.

(a) The first party seeking judicial review shall pay the expense of transcription.

(b) The expense of transcription is taxable as costs.