.17 Failure to Attend or Participate in a Hearing, Conference or Proceeding; Default.

A. Hearings Before the Chief.

(1) In hearings before the Chief, the provisions of §A(2)—(4) of this regulation apply.

(2) After receiving proper notice, if a party fails to file a response or fails to attend or participate in a prehearing conference, hearing, or other stage of a proceeding, the Chief may proceed in that party's absence or may issue a default order against the defaulting party.

(3) On motion filed within 30 days after the date of a default order, the Chief may, for good cause, vacate or modify the final default order and set the case in for further proceedings as appropriate.

(4) If no motion is filed or a motion is denied, the default order is effective.

B. COMAR governs default in hearings delegated to the Office.