EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2018.26

Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention

A. The Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention shall continue and be constituted as follows:

1. The Commission consists of the following Executive Branch members, with all designees approved by the Secretary of Health:

a. The Deputy Secretary for Behavioral Health or the Deputy Secretary’s designee;

b. The Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services or the Deputy Secretary’s designee;

c. The Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Services or the Secretary’s designee;

d. The Secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services or the Secretary’s designee;

e. The Secretary of the Department of Aging or the Secretary’s designee;

f. The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Secretary’s designee;

g. The Executive Director of the Governor’s Office for Children or the Executive Director’s designee; and

h. The Secretary of the Department of Disabilities or the Secretary’s designee.

2. The State Superintendent of Schools shall be invited to be an ex officio member or submit a designee as an ex officio member.

3. The President of the Maryland Senate and Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates shall each be invited to appoint a member of their respective chambers to serve as an ex officio member.

4. The following organizations shall also be invited to designate a representative as an ex officio member:

a. The Mental Health Association of Maryland;

b. The National Organization for People of Color Against Suicide; and

c. The Maryland Addictions Directors Council.

5. The Maryland Association of County Health Officials shall be invited to select a local health officer to serve as an ex officio member.

6. Governor’s Appointments.

a. The following members shall be appointed by the Governor for no more than two consecutive four-year terms:

i. One representative of the faith community;

ii. One representative of the academic community;

iii. One representative of a suicide-prevention group;

iv. One active or former member of the U.S. Armed Forces;

v. One member of either police, local corrections, or fire and rescue services;

vi. One member of the LGBTQ community;

vii. One young adult between the ages of 18 and 25;

viii. One representative of the substance-abuse recovery community;

ix. One survivor of a suicide attempt;

x. One family member of an individual who died by suicide;

xi. One representative of the American Indian community;

xii. One representative of the Asian Pacific American community; and

xiii. One representative of the Hispanic or Latino community.

b. High-School Member.

i. The Governor shall appoint a high-school student in his or her junior or senior year as a member.

ii. The High-School Member is appointed for a term of one academic year.

iii. The High-School Member may be reappointed, while he or she is still in high school, to a second term ending in the July following his or her graduation.

c. The Governor’s Appointments serve at the Governor’s pleasure.

d. In the event of a vacancy among the Governor’s Appointments, the Governor shall appoint a successor to fill the remainder of the term.

7. Chair and Vice-Chair.

a. The Governor shall designate a Chair from among the members.

b. The Chair serves in that position at the pleasure of the Governor.

c. The Commission may designate a Vice Chair from the remaining membership.

B. The Commission shall be staffed by the Maryland Department of Health as determined by the Secretary of Health.

C. The Commission shall:

1. Assess suicide’s economic and social costs, and impact on the health and wellbeing of Maryland citizens;

2. Establish a list of existing support systems for survivors, attempters, and their families;

3. Develop a comprehensive, coordinated, and strategic plan for suicide prevention, intervention, and post-suicide services across the State;

4. Identify the resources needed to adequately provide those services; and

5. Promote the delivery of those services by local and State agencies through collaborative efforts that ensure effective and efficient use of local and State resources.

D. State Plan.

1. The Commission shall prepare a two-year plan that establishes, for the organization, delivery, and funding of suicide prevention, intervention, and post-suicide services:

a. Emerging needs;

b. Priorities and strategies;

c. Promising practices and programs;

d. Recommendations for coordination and collaboration among State agencies; and

e. Training.

2. The plan shall be developed in consideration of the priorities and strategies in plans established by local jurisdictions.

3. The plan shall be submitted to the Governor by December 1, 2018, and biennially thereafter, with interim updates provided as deemed appropriate.

E. Meetings.

1. The Commission shall meet at least four times a year.

2. The Chair may schedule additional work sessions as necessary.

3. A majority of members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business.

F. The Commission may adopt such procedures as may be necessary to ensure the orderly transaction of business, including the creation of committees or task forces.

G. Members of the Commission may not receive any compensation for their services, but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, in accordance with the Standard State Travel Regulations and as provided in the State budget.

H. The Chair may, with the consent of the Commission, designate additional individuals — including interested citizens, educators, or specialists with relevant expertise — to serve on any committee or task force.

I. The Commission may consult with State units to obtain technical assistance and advice as it deems necessary to fulfill its duties.

J. All Executive Branch units subject to the supervision and direction of the Governor shall cooperate with and assist the Commission in fulfilling its duties.

Effective date: October 11, 2018