EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2018.17

Student Loan Repayment Benefits to Relieve State Workforce Shortages

A. Establishment.

There shall be State employee loan repayment benefits for eligible employees working in critical workforce shortage areas for units in the State Personnel Management System and the Transportation Services Human Resources System.

B. Eligibility.

1. Applicants for the benefits must:

i. work in a critical workforce shortage area, as designated by the Secretary; and

ii. have remained in the service of the employing unit for a duration established by the Secretary.

2. A participating employee whose employment is terminated is not eligible to receive further benefits.

C. Administration.

1. The Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management shall administer the benefits to enhance the recruitment and retention of employees in critical workforce shortage areas.

2. The benefits shall be administered centrally by the Department of Budget and Management’s Office of Personnel Services and Benefits.

3. The Secretary may delegate the administration of the benefits for the Transportation Services Human Resources System to the Secretary of the Department of Transportation or the Secretary’s designee.

4. By January 1, 2019, the Secretary shall establish guidelines for the administration of the benefits.

Effective date: June 16, 2018