EXECUTIVE ORDER 01.01.2009.08

"Be a Driving Force for Safety" Program for State Employees

A. There is a "Be a Driving Force for Safety" Program for State employees.

B. Procedures.

(1) Each Secretary or Head of an Executive Branch agency shall identify and task an appropriate individual to implement the Program within the agency.

(2) Each Executive Branch agency shall:

(a) Encourage all State employees who drive fleet vehicles to take the "Driving Improvement Program," an e-learning application on safe driving skills;

(b) Encourage all employees to comply with current seatbelt use laws;

(c) Participate in National Drive Safely Work Week activities each October and other educational opportunities throughout the year; and

(d) Support the Program with internal e-mails, poster placement, and other appropriate communication methods.

(3) The Department of Budget and Management shall, subject to applicable legal requirements, issue a hands-free cell use policy for drivers of State vehicles. The policy shall prohibit hand-held cell phone use while driving, except in cases of emergency. The policy shall not apply to law enforcement officers or operators of authorized emergency vehicles.

C. Agency Coordination.

(1) The State Fleet Safety Committee, in conjunction with the State Highway Administration, shall provide guidance to Executive Branch agencies on implementation of the Program.

(2) The State Highway Administration shall identify and provide appropriate relevant information and materials to the Committee for review and distribution to Executive Branch agencies in support of the Program.

(3) Each Executive Branch agency shall designate appropriate personnel: to coordinate with the State Fleet Safety Committee and the State Highway Administration regarding the implementation of the Program; and to support the distribution and communication of the information and materials described in Section C(2).

Effective date: May 21, 2009