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advisoryo.2004.01.htm 04.01. OPINION NO. 04-01. The Chair of the State Information Technology Board (hereinafter "Board" or "SITB" has asked whether he may remain a member of the Board if an information technology corporation he established in 1992 is a subcontractor on a recently awarded information technology contract with the State Department of General Services. For the reasons set forth below, the Requestor's continued service on the Board is not permissible under ยง15-502(b) of the Maryla
advisoryo.2004.02.htm 04.02. OPINION NO. 04-02 MARYLAND TRANSIT ADMINISTRATION. September 23, 2004. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA" by its General Counsel, has asked the Ethics Commission to allow the MTA Chief of Environmental Programs (hereinafter "Employee" to participate in project matters where a party to those matters is a Vendor, under general task order contracts or subcontracts that employs the Employee's adult son. Based on the specific circumstances of this situation and the
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