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advisoryo.2001.01.htm 01.01. OPINION NO. 01-01. Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether an employee of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) may also serve as a part time elected council member in a local municipality (the City) should he be elected in the general election. We advise based on the information provided regarding the interaction between DHCD and the City that his service with the City would be inconsistent with the employment limitations of the Ethics Law.1
advisoryo.2001.02.htm 01.02. OPINION NO. 01-02. A consulting firm in commercial aviation has requested advice from us as to whether it may participate as a bidder on a contract with the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) in view of its employment of a former MAA senior management employee.1 We advise after a careful review of the information provided by the requestor, the MAA, and the former employee, that the former employee's actions while employed by MAA constituted assistance in the dr
advisoryo.2001.03.htm 01.03. OPINION NO. 01-03. An opinion has been requested by a private engineering firm as to whether it is barred by ยง15-508 from bidding on a State Highway Administration (SHA) Invitation for Bids (IFB) by virtue of its review of a SHA's draft storm water management on behalf of the Maryland Department of Environment which was later included in the "Detail Build" IFB. We advise on the information provided and a careful review of the total circumstances of this request tha
advisoryo.2001.04.htm 01.04. OPINION NO. 01-04. In 1999, the County Attorney for Baltimore County questioned whether deputy sheriffs and deputy and assistant State's Attorneys were subject to the County's Ethics Law and in fact whether they were more properly subject to the State Ethics Law. Historically, this Commission had taken the view that elected State's Attorneys and Sheriffs were State officials as defined by the State Ethics Law but other employees of their agencies were subject to lo
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