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advisoryo.2000.01.htm 00.01. OPINION NO. 00-01. An opinion has been requested by the Department of Human Resources as to whether a private consulting company may participate as a bidder on a monitoring contract procurement for the Department's child welfare information system (MD CHESSIE) in view of the company's previous involvement as a contractor in the planning part of the project. We advise based on the information provided and a careful review of the total circumstances of this project t
advisoryo.2000.02.htm 00.02. OPINION NO. 00-02. Two individuals who are members of two local Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards on Maryland's Eastern Shore have requested advice as to whether they may also serve as elected members of their respective county party central committees. We advise that as a general matter, persons involved in this sensitive property tax adjudicative function may not also hold elective political office in their jurisdiction. In view of the particular circumstanc
advisoryo.2000.03.htm 00.03. OPINION NO. 00-03. Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether a conflict of interest results from the employment by an individual (the Requestor) as an Industrial Development Representative in the International Trade unit of the Department of Business and Employment Development in view of the Requestor's recent election to the Presidency of the Baltimore City Council. We advise that as the City and its citizens have substantial and significant intera
advisoryo.2000.04.htm 00.04. OPINION NO. 00-04. The question has been presented as to whether a chaplain in a State prison facility (the Chaplain) may be involved in establishing and otherwise affiliated with a private entity in connection with a program to provide transitional housing and related services to released inmates. We advise that this activity is only allowed if the Chaplain does not serve on the governing board for the program and as long as he has no role in the pre-release proce
advisoryo.2000.05.htm 00.05. OPINION NO. 00-05. An advisory opinion has been requested by a forester in DNR's Forest Service (the Requestor) regarding proposed service as a member of a local planning and zoning commission, an entity that has duties relating to site plan approval and forestry management activities. We advise, given the nature of the interaction between the forester's agency and the local planning commission, that this affiliation is barred by the employment provisions of the Public Ethics Law.
advisoryo.2000.06.htm 00.06. OPINION NO. 00-06. Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether a consultant who assists clients in various Executive Branch matters (the Requestor) is required to register as a lobbyist pursuant to the provisions of Subtitle 7 of the Public Ethics Law (State Government Article, Subtitle 7, Annotated Code of Maryland) We advise that while registration does not appear to be required as the circumstances of her activities are now described, the lobbying
advisoryo.2000.07.htm 00.07. OPINION NO. 00-07. Advice has been requested as to whether a Maryland State Police Trooper who serves as a duty sergeant in a State Police Barrack may also serve as the part-time elected Commissioner of Public Safety in a local municipality (the City) We advise based on the information provided regarding the interactions between the Maryland State Police and the City that the Trooper's service with the City while he remains at the Barrack would be inconsistent with
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