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advisoryo.1990.01.htm 90.01. OPINION NO. 90-1. An opinion has been requested by the Assistant Commissioner for Field Services of the Division of Correction (DOC) as to whether he may have private employment with Metropolitan International Corporation, a security services corporation that is licensed by the Maryland State Police. We advise that based on the current facts an exception may be applied to allow this activity, as long as the private employer does not have any operational dealings with the individual's agen
advisoryo.1990.02.htm 90.02. OPINION NO. 90-2. An opinion has been requested as to the application of the nonparticipation provisions of §3-101 of the Public Ethics Law (Article 40A, §3-101, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Ethics Law) to an official in the Data Processing Division of the Office of the Comptroller, in view of the fact that his brother is an employee of an agency data processing vendor (the Vendor) Based on the specific circumstances of this situation, and the nature of these relationships, we advise t
advisoryo.1990.03.htm 90.03. OPINION NO. 90-3. An Opinion has been requested as to whether a Department of Agriculture (DAGR) employee in a County Soil Conservation Office may participate in agency programs, such as the agricultural land preservation program or the drainage cost share program, as a private farm owner in the County. We advise that this individual's activities are not flatly barred by the Ethics Law, and further, that certain activities are allowable and others barred, based on the particular factual s
advisoryo.1990.04.htm 90.04. OPINION NO. 90-4. The Director of Health and Mental Health Services in the Division of Correction (DOC) has requested an opinion as to whether she may have a private consulting business that provides quality assurance consulting and other services to Baltimore City, including the Baltimore City Jail. We advise that the consulting business generally would not be barred. Nor would business with Baltimore City generally be prohibited, in the absence of any specific relationships that involve
advisoryo.1990.05.htm 90.05. OPINION NO.90-5. An opinion has been requested regarding whether an Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Environment (MDE) may serve on a local Board of Health. Based on the description of the Board's activities and the situation as it currently exists, we advise that this service would not be barred by the provisions of the Public Ethics Law.This request is presented by an official who serves in the Department of the Environment as Assistant Secretary for Toxics, E
advisoryo.1990.06.htm 90.06. OPINION NO. 90-6. An advisory opinion has been requested regarding whether and how the lobbyist registration and expenditure disclosure provisions of the Public Ethics Law (Article 40A, Title 5, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Ethics Law) apply to various activities of a large corporation (the Corporation) in connection with policy lobbying, marketing, and other relationships with officials and employees in State agencies. We advise the Corporation that whether its activities require regi
advisoryo.1990.07.htm 90.07. OPINION NO. 90-7. An Opinion has been requested as to whether and how the Public Ethics Law applies to limit the solicitation or acceptance of memberships or other contributions from utilities and others subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission by a private art museum with which a member of the Commission (the Commissioner) is affiliated and for which his spouse serves as Executive Director. We advise the Commissioner that solicitation and acceptance of donations or me
advisoryo.1990.08.htm 90.08. OPINION NO. 90-8. A request has been presented concerning whether and how the provisions of the Ethics Law (including the §3-103(a)2)iii) appointee exemption provision) apply to the involvement by members of the Racing Commission in a variety of horse breeding, ownership, racing and other activities relating to the jurisdiction and authority of the Commission. We advise, based on the disclosures filed by current members, and in view of the 1989 amendments to the Racing Law, that these par
advisoryo.1990.09.htm 90.09. OPINION NO. 90-9. An opinion has been requested from the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) regarding whether its teachers and therapists may provide private tutoring or therapeutic language services to students from the School. Taking into account the special and unique circumstances of the population served by MSD, we advise that this activity can be allowed provided that careful monitoring and control mechanisms are established and implemented by the School.The Maryland School for t
advisoryo.1990.10.htm 90.10. OPINION NO. 90-10. An opinion has been requested concerning application of the employment and other provisions of the Public Ethics Law to the affiliation of the Chief Toxicologist in the Office of the State Medical Examiner with a private medical laboratory that contracts with and is regulated by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.1 We advise, based on the information provided by the Requestor and the Department as to his current duties in both positions,
advisoryo.1990.11.htm 90.11. OPINION NO. 90-11. An advisory opinion has been requested regarding whether the Executive Director of the Maryland State Retirement Agency (MSRA or the Agency) may also serve as a member of the Board of Trustees of a county Supplemental Retirement System in a neighboring state (the local Board) We advise the Requestor that this continued service would be allowable, as long as certain constraints are observed.The Requestor was appointed beginning in January 1990 to serve as MSRA's Ex
advisoryo.1990.12.htm 90.12. OPINION NO. 90-12. An opinion has been requested as to whether and how the Public Ethics Law post-employment provision limits the activities of a former employee of the Developmental Disabilities Council (the Council) Based on a review of the activities in which the individual participated as an employee, and their relationship to the current matter under consideration, we advise that her assistance or representation of a new employer in the current matter would no
advisoryo.1990.13.htm 90.13. OPINION NO. 90-13. An advisory opinion has been requested concerning whether a correctional officer at the Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center (the Reception Center or the Center) may have private employment as a bail bondsman. We advise the Requestor that this activity is allowable based on the factual circumstances as they are now described by him.The Reception Center is a correctional facility within the Division of Correction (DOC, part of the
advisoryo.1990.14.htm 90.14. OPINION NO. 90-14. An opinion has been requested by the Board of Physician Quality Assurance (the BPQA or the Board) concerning application of Commission Opinion No. 87-1 to service by Board members as officers of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland (Med-Chi) That Opinion advised that members of health licensing boards may not be officers in professional associations whose members are under their board's authority. Having reviewed the organizational inf
advisoryo.1990.15.htm 90.15. OPINION NO. 90-15. An advisory opinion has been requested as to whether the Deputy Director of Data Processing at the Maryland Lottery may participate in the procurement evaluation committee regarding the agency's on-line computer system, where his brother is employed by an entity that is a likely bidder. Based on principles expressed in prior related opinions, we advise that an exception can be applied under §3-101 of the Ethics Law to permit this participation.The Maryland Lottery Agen
advisoryo.1990.16.htm 90.16. OPINION NO. 90-16. A request has been submitted by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) involving three separate issues relating to activities of staff in the Child Care Administration (CCA or the Administration, formerly the Office of Child Care Licensing and Regulation) The issues include: 1) how the Public Ethics Law applies to the affiliation by agency employees with private advocacy or provider groups; 2) application of the Law to past participation by a st
advisoryo.1990.17.htm 90.17. OPINION NO. 90-17. An advisory opinion has been requested from the Director of Commercial Development Land Programs (the Requestor) in the Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED) regarding whether he may participate in a housing rehabilitation loan program funded through the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) The federal source of funds is the Community Development Block Grant program, which is also a source of funds for DEED pr
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