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19a.05.03.00.htm 19A.05.03.00. Title 19A STATE ETHICS COMMISSION Subtitle 05 BOARD OF EDUCATION ETHICS REGULATIONS Chapter 03 Review Procedures Authority: General Provisions Article, §5-811―5-820, Annotated Code of Maryland
19a.05.03.01.htm 19A.05.03.01. 01 Submission of Regulations.. A board of education shall submit promptly a copy of any ethics regulations or amendments or additions to the Commission for the Commission’s review and approval.
19a.05.03.02.htm 19A.05.03.02. 02 Commission Review of Board of Education Regulations.. A. Preliminary Review by Commission.. 1) A board of education may submit proposed new ethics regulations and amendments to the Commission for review prior to final adoption.2) The Commission may provide preliminary review and comment on proposed ethics regulations and amendments to a board of education.B. The Commission shall review all enacted regulations and amendments and shall determine if the regulations or amendments me
19a.05.03.03.htm 19A.05.03.03. 03 Enforcement.. A. The Commission and its staff shall make reasonable efforts to assist a board of education in developing ethics regulations that reflect the intent of the Public Ethics Law and take account of local circumstances and needs in avoiding conflicts of interest within that jurisdiction.B. Nonconformance Remedies.. 1) If the Commission determines that a board of education has not complied with and has not made good faith efforts toward compliance with the require
19a.05.03.9999.htm 19A.05.03.9999. Administrative History Effective date: October 24, 1983 (10:21 Md. R. 1903). Regulations .01―03 repealed and new Regulations .01―02 adopted effective April 18, 2011 (38:8 Md. R. 509)Regulation .02 amended effective May 25, 2015 (42:10 Md. R. 685). Regulation .03 adopted effective May 25, 2015 (42:10 Md. R. 685).
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