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19a.04.01.00.htm 19A.04.01.00. Title 19A STATE ETHICS COMMISSION Subtitle 04 LOCAL GOVERNMENT ETHICS LAW Chapter 01 General Provisions Authority: General Provisions Article, §5-206, and Title 5, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland
19a.04.01.01.htm 19A.04.01.01. 01 Applicability.. This subtitle applies to each county of the State, the City of Baltimore, and each of the incorporated municipalities of the State.
19a.04.01.02.htm 19A.04.01.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this subtitle, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Defined Terms.. 1) “Designated second home” means:. a) If an individual owns one second home, the individual’s second home; or. b) If an individual owns more than one second home, any one second home the individual identifies to the Commission as the individual’s designated second home.1-1) “Elected local official” has the meaning stated in General Provisions Article, §5-804, Annotate
19a.04.01.03.htm 19A.04.01.03. 03 Enactment of Local Laws.. A. Except as provided in COMAR 19A.04.03 of this subtitle, each county and municipality shall enact a local ethics law that includes:1) Conflict of interest and financial disclosure provisions for elected local officials that are at least equivalent to the requirements for State officials contained in General Provisions Article, Title 5, Subtitles 5 and 6, Annotated Code of Maryland;2) Conflicts of interest and financial disclosure
19a.04.01.9999.htm 19A.04.01.9999. Administrative History Effective date: September 14, 1981 (8:18 Md. R. 1481). Regulations .01―03 under Chapter, Model Laws repealed and new Regulations .01―03 adopted under new Chapter, General Provisions effective April 18, 2011 (38:8 Md. R. 508)Regulation .02B amended effective December 7, 2017 (44:24 Md. R. 1151). Regulation .03A amended effective January 16, 2017 (44:1 Md. R. 12).
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