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13b.08.23.00.htm 13B.08.23.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 08 FINANCIAL AID Chapter 23 Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship Authority: Education Article, §11-105(u) 18-202, 18-204, and 18-3302, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.08.23.01.htm 13B.08.23.01. 01 Purpose.. The purpose of the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students enrolled in workforce development sequences at community colleges in the State.
13b.08.23.02.htm 13B.08.23.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Associated costs of attendance” means costs incurred by a student to purchase books or equipment that are necessary for the completion of the workforce development sequence for which the student is receiving a Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship, and any related testing fees for licensure or certification.
13b.08.23.03.htm 13B.08.23.03. 03 Establishment and Administration.. A. There is a Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship, which shall be administered by the Office consistent with this chapter and pursuant to participation agreements with participating community colleges.B. To participate in the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship, a community college shall enter into a participation agreement with the Office, upon the terms prescribed by the Secretary, which, at a minimum, shall include terms to:
13b.08.23.04.htm 13B.08.23.04. 04 Approval of a Workforce Development Sequence.. A. A community college shall apply to the Commission for approval of a workforce development sequence on a form prescribed by the Secretary.B. The Secretary shall approve a workforce development sequence application if:. 1) The Secretary determines that completion of the courses in the sequence results in the issuance of a noncredit certificate to the student; and2) Each course in the sequence:.
13b.08.23.05.htm 13B.08.23.05. 05 Student Eligibility.. To be eligible to receive a Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship, a student shall:. A. Be enrolled at a community college that has entered into a participation agreement with the Office;B. Be enrolled in a Workforce Development Sequence; and. C. Be an eligible student as defined in Regulation .02 of this chapter..
13b.08.23.06.htm 13B.08.23.06. 06 Award Amount.. A. A Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship may not exceed $2,000 per student annually.. B. A Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship shall be used solely for tuition, mandatory fees, costs to participate in a registered apprenticeship program, and other associated costs of attendance that have not been met through another grant or scholarship by the State or employer.C. A Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship may be combined with any ot
13b.08.23.07.htm 13B.08.23.07. 07 Institutional Allocation and Notification.. A. At the beginning of each State fiscal year, the Office shall notify each participating college of the total dollar amount of Scholarships that may be awarded to students attending the college during the fiscal year.B. The Office shall allocate equally among the community colleges up to 50 percent of the annual dollar amount budgeted for the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship.C. Except as provided in §D of this regulation, th
13b.08.23.08.htm 13B.08.23.08. 08 Disbursement and Reallocation of Funds.. A. Each participating community college is responsible for awarding its allocation to eligible students.B. Beginning in the 2019―2020 award year, if a college fails to use 66 percent or more of its allocated awards by March 15, the remaining unused awards shall be returned to the Office and redistributed to community colleges meeting the 66 percent requirement, on a pro-rata basis, unless the community college losing the awar
13b.08.23.09.htm 13B.08.23.09. 09 Distribution of Awards to Students.. A. Selection Criteria.In determining the selection criteria to be applied to award applicants, a community college:1) Shall ensure that awards are made only to eligible students;. 2) May not make an award to any student who already has received the award for two workforce development sequences, regardless of the duration, cost, or successful completion of the sequences; and
13b.08.23.10.htm 13B.08.23.10. 10 Continuation of Workforce Development Sequence.. A. Approval of a Workforce Development Sequence terminates when the condition under which the sequence was approved ceases, including by:1) A determination by the U.S. Department of Education that one or more of the courses in the sequence are no longer eligible to be funded through Pell grants under Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act;2) A determination by the Maryland Department of Labor that the sequence is
13b.08.23.11.htm 13B.08.23.11. 11 Record Keeping, Audits, and Annual Reports.. A. All financial books, records, and documents pertaining to the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship program shall be open to inspection, review, and audit at all times by the Commission, the State auditor, or their authorized representatives.B. A community college shall include the Workforce Development Sequence Scholarship program in any independent audit conducted for the college on State financial aid programs.
13b.08.23.9999.htm 13B.08.23.9999. Administrative History Effective date: January 14, 2019 (46:1 Md. R. 12).
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