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13b.08.10.00.htm 13B.08.10.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 08 FINANCIAL AID Chapter 10 Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Awards Program Authority: Education Article, §11-105(u) 18-204(c) and 18-301 et seq. Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.08.10.01.htm 13B.08.10.01. 01 Purpose.. The purpose of the Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Program of Educational Excellence Awards is to provide need-based financial assistance to students in accordance with Education Article, Title 18, Annotated Code of Maryland.
13b.08.10.02.htm 13B.08.10.02. 02 Definitions.. A. As used in this chapter, the following terms have the meaning indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Academic year” means the fall, spring, and summer semesters and any semester shorter in length than the term of a regular semester.2) “Commission” means the Maryland Higher Education Commission.. 3) “Educational Assistance Grant” or “EA Grant” means the Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance Grant.4) “Educational Excellence Award” or “EEA” means t
13b.08.10.03.htm 13B.08.10.03. 03 Eligibility.. A. To be eligible for financial assistance under the Educational Excellence Award program, an applicant shall:1) Be a Maryland resident or be eligible for in-State tuition;. 2) Annually file the FAFSA or MSFAA by March 1;. 3) Be accepted for admission, or enrolled as a full-time student, in a regular undergraduate program leading to a degree or diploma at an eligible institution, or be enrolled full-time in a 2-year associate degree program in
13b.08.10.04.htm 13B.08.10.04. 04 Award Amounts and Credit Completion Requirements.. A. Educational Excellence Award program award amounts shall be determined by OSFA in accordance with this regulation and Regulation .06 of this chapter.B. Educational Assistance Grant Award Amounts.. 1) Educational Assistance Grant award amounts shall range between $400 and $3,000 and be awarded in $100 increments.2) The amount of an Educational Assistance Grant made to a student in the student’s first 2 academic
13b.08.10.05.htm 13B.08.10.05. 05 Use of Award Out-of-State.. A. A Guaranteed Access Grant or Educational Assistance Grant may be used at an institution of higher education in another state or the District of Columbia only if:1) The following conditions are met:. a) The attendance is pursuant to a reciprocal agreement for applicants that are deaf or hearing impaired at an institution of higher education that makes special provisions for deaf and hearing impaired students;b) Comparable special pro
13b.08.10.06.htm 13B.08.10.06. 06 Financial Need Calculation and Award Formulas.. A. Determination of Financial Need.. 1) The Office shall calculate an applicant’s adjusted financial need using the following formula:. Adjusted Financial Need =. Cost of Attendance. Expected Family Contribution Plus/Minus Regional Cost of Living Adjustment. Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant or Economic Development Student Assistance Grant. Estimated Pell Grant.. 2) The Expected Family Contribution shall be deter
13b.08.10.07.htm 13B.08.10.07. 07 Awarding Priorities and Distribution of Funds.. A. On an annual basis, the Secretary shall establish awarding priorities for making awards under the Educational Excellence Awards Program.B. The awarding priorities shall be based upon projections using the estimated funding level for the program, and shall take into consideration funds necessary to award Guaranteed Access Grants at 100 percent of need, with the remainder of the funds being awarded as Educatio
13b.08.10.08.htm 13B.08.10.08. 08 Selection of Recipients.. A. An applicant for the GA Grant who files the FAFSA or MSFAA after March 1 may not be considered for an award.B. A renewal applicant for the GA Grant shall meet all the requirements set forth in Regulation .10 of this chapter to be considered for a renewal award.C. GA Grant applicants who have completed the FAFSA or MSFAA by March 1 shall be selected for the award in the following priority:1) Renewal applicants who submit all supplemental
13b.08.10.09.htm 13B.08.10.09. 09 Award Notification and Acceptance.. A. Recipients shall be notified by OSFA through the Maryland College Aid Processing System (MDCAPS) of the awards.B. An initial EA or GA Grant recipient shall log on to MDCAPS in order to accept an award, except that, in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Director of OSFA, a student may accept an award by providing written acceptance to the Office.
13b.08.10.10.htm 13B.08.10.10. 10 Award Renewal and Continuation.. A. An Educational Assistance Grant may be renewed if the recipient:. 1) Files a FAFSA or MSFAA by March 1;. 2) Demonstrates financial need;. 3) Is enrolled as a full-time student in an eligible institution or community college;. 4) At the end of the student’s second academic year and thereafter of receiving the grant, completed at least 24 credits in the prior academic year;5) Is making satisfactory progress according to in
13b.08.10.11.htm 13B.08.10.11. 11 Award Cancellation or Adjustment.. A. An award shall be canceled if:. 1) A recipient of an EA Grant or GA Grant fails to accept the award within the time specified in the award notification to the recipient;2) A recipient of an EA Grant or GA Grant fails to satisfy all verification requirements;. 3) A recipient of a GA Grant fails to submit all requested supplemental information or documentation to OSFA or an institution by the deadline established by OSFA;
13b.08.10.12.htm 13B.08.10.12. 12 Payment of Awards.. A. OSFA shall make an award payment to the institution for each semester that the eligible recipient is granted the award.B. The institution shall certify to OSFA all recipients, on a semester basis, on or before:. 1) December 15, for the fall semester; and. 2) May 15, for the spring semester.. C. An institution who fails to certify all recipients on a semester basis by the prescribed deadline will not be able to certify recipients for subseq
13b.08.10.13.htm 13B.08.10.13. 13 Verification of Eligibility.. A. In-House Verification by OSFA.. 1) OSFA annually shall verify a percentage of all new Educational Excellence Award applications to determine if they contain accurate information.2) OSFA shall verify Educational Excellence Award applications for recipients identified by OSFA, or by institutions, based upon:a) Whether the information contained in the application has discrepancies from the information contained in the FAFSA or MSFAA; or
13b.08.10.14.htm 13B.08.10.14. 14 Late Awards.. A. OSFA shall consider students for late GA and EA Grants if funds become available after initial awards have been made.B. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, consideration for a late award shall be given in the following descending order to students who:1) Were previously awarded and have requested reinstatement of a canceled award;. 2) Applied on time and filed an appeal based on changes in financial circumstances;.
13b.08.10.15.htm 13B.08.10.15. 15 Appeals of Eligibility Decisions.. A. An EA or GA Grant applicant or recipient may appeal an award eligibility decision, and OSFA may grant or deny an appeal of eligibility, pursuant to this regulation.B. Appeals of Full-time Status.. 1) The applicant or recipient may appeal a determination that the applicant or recipient is not enrolled full-time.2) To be considered full-time, the actual time spent in the classroom, lab, supervised activity, or clinic shall equal at lea
13b.08.10.16.htm 13B.08.10.16. 16 Documentation Required for a Dependency Override.. A. An institution that overrides a dependency determination for an EA applicant shall submit to OSFA for final award determination:1) Updated Institutional Student Information Record data for the student; and. 2) A Certification of Independent Status Form for the student.. B. An institution that overrides a dependency determination for a GA applicant who is selected for verification by OSFA shall submit to OSFA for final
13b.08.10.17.htm 13B.08.10.17. 17 Delegate Howard P. Rawlings Campus-Based Awards.. A. The Commission shall allocate funds to institutions of higher education to make awards to students who applied for Educational Excellence Awards after the March 1 deadline or who have other extenuating circumstances.B. Funds shall be awarded to institutions based upon the proportion of full-time Pell Grant eligible Maryland residents enrolled at the institution.C. Funds shall be awarded by institutions to stude
13b.08.10.9999.htm 13B.08.10.9999. Administrative History Effective date: March 25, 2019 (46:6 Md. R. 346). Regulation .02B amended effective June 28, 2021 (48:13 Md. R. 509). Regulation .03A, C amended effective June 28, 2021 (48:13 Md. R. 509). Regulation .06B, C amended effective June 28, 2021 (48:13 Md. R. 509). Regulation .08 amended effective June 28, 2021 (48:13 Md. R. 509). Regulation .10A, B amended effective June 28, 2021 (48:13 Md. R. 509).
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