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13b.07.05.00.htm 13B.07.05.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 07 COMMUNITY COLLEGES Chapter 05 Space Allocation Guidelines Authority: Education Article, Title 11 and Title 16, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.07.05.01.htm 13B.07.05.01. 01 General Principles.. A. This chapter provides guidelines for determining space needs that are eligible for capital funding by the State. The space allocation guidelines delineated in this chapter are to be used to compute suggested maximum allowances for a campus for each type of space in the National Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) Space Classification System. These guidelines may not be used to design a specific space or facility. Any space arch
13b.07.05.02.htm 13B.07.05.02. 02 Capital Guidelines.. Space allocation guidelines for college campuses are as follows:. Room Use Category. Space Factor by Size of FTDE. HEGIS Code. Base. 3000 & Under. 3001 & Up. 100. Classroom Facilities. WSCH1. 1.50. 1.11. 110. 200. Laboratory Facilities. WSCH2. 7.00. 5.83. 210. Class Laboratory. 220. Open Laboratory. FTDE. 4.20. Office. FTEF3. 166.00. FT Staff. Student Offices4. 320. Testing & Tutoring Centers. Core of 1,500 NASF and 0.5 NASF/FTDE in excess of 1,500 FTDE..
13b.07.05.03.htm 13B.07.05.03. 03 Capital Guidelines Factor Development.. A. The elements for computing the space factor used for determining space needs for classrooms and laboratories are the net assignable square feet per student station (NASF/SS) the number of hours in a 45-hour week the space shall be used (hours/week) and the percent of student occupancy of the room when space is in use. These elements are expressed in the formula: Space Factor = NASF/SS divided by (hours/week X percent of occupancy)
13b.07.05.04.htm 13B.07.05.04. 04 Outdoor Facilities.. A. Regular Parking. The allowance is 300 square feet per car and the number of spaces is based upon the following:1) 75 percent―full-time faculty;. 2) 75 percent―staff;. 3) 75 percent―full-time day equivalent for on-campus credit and eligible noncredit courses; and. 4) 2 percent―visitors (2 percent of total authorized spaces). B. Handicapped Parking. The parking stall shall be 9 feet wide with a 4-foot wide pedestrian space between each other stall r
13b.07.05.9999.htm 13B.07.05.9999. Administrative History Effective date: January 26, 1998 (25:2 Md. R. 77). Regulation .01 amended effective April 15, 2002 (29:7 Md. R. 621) December 19, 2016 (43:25 Md. R. 1385)Regulation .02 repealed and new Regulation .02 adopted effective April 15, 2002 (29:7 Md. R. 621). Regulation .02 amended effective December 19, 2016 (43:25 Md. R. 1385). Regulation .03 amended effective April 15, 2002 (29:7 Md. R. 621). Regulation .04 amended effective April 15, 2002 (29:7 Md. R. 621).
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