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13b.07.02.00.htm 13B.07.02.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 07 COMMUNITY COLLEGES Chapter 02 General Regulations and Policies for Community Colleges Authority: Education Article, Titles 11, 15 and 16, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.07.02.01.htm 13B.07.02.01. 01 Admission and Transfer of Students.. A. A college shall adhere to the:. 1) Admissions requirements set forth in COMAR 13B.02.02; and. 2) Transfer requirements set forth in COMAR 13B.06.01.. B. Gifted and Talented Students.. 1) A college may admit gifted and talented students.. 2) A gifted and talented student may enroll in programs or other college-level credit or noncredit courses, as determined by the appropriate college and school officials.C. Dual Enrollment Students..
13b.07.02.02.htm 13B.07.02.02. 02 Continuing Education.. A. A college may not identify a continuing education course or a series of continuing education courses as credit programs.B. Procedures and Requirements for State Funding (Not Applicable to Baltimore City Community College)1) A college shall submit to the Commission enrollment information for all State-approved noncredit continuing education courses offered during a fiscal year.2) A college may not receive State funding for continuing education courses
13b.07.02.03.htm 13B.07.02.03. 03 Student Residency Policy.. A. College Policies.. 1) A college board of trustees shall adopt and publish in the college catalog or other public document a policy governing classification of students by domicile for tuition purposes.2) The classification of students by domicile shall be in accordance with this chapter.. 3) An individual's immigration status may not preclude award of Maryland residency under this policy if the individual has the legal capacity to estab
13b.07.02.04.htm 13B.07.02.04. 04 Tuition Waiver for Faculty, Staff, and Dependents.. A. If permitted by policy of the board of trustees, a faculty or staff member, or dependents of the faculty or staff member, may enroll in a class on a space-available basis without payment of tuition.B. A board of trustees may limit the conditions under which individuals may enroll without payment of tuition or the total number of classes in which they may enroll during a term.C. An individual who enrolls without payment of tu
13b.07.02.05.htm 13B.07.02.05. 05 Foundations.. A. A college may participate in the establishment of a foundation or foundations associated with it for the purpose of assisting the college to perform its mission.B. If one or more foundations associated with a college are established, the provisions in C-N of this regulation govern the college's activities in relation to the foundation or foundations.C. A college shall require as a condition of acceptance of funds from an affiliated foundation that
13b.07.02.06.htm 13B.07.02.06. 06 Optional Retirement Program.. A. There is an Optional Retirement Program established for the colleges.. B. The Commission staff shall determine the eligibility of a college employee following the filing of a certification of professional position signed by the college president.C. A certification of professional position shall attest that the position:. 1) Requires, and the incumbent possesses, an earned baccalaureate or higher degree;. 2) Requires service of no
13b.07.02.07.htm 13B.07.02.07. 07 Fee Waivers for Victims of Human Trafficking. A. In this regulation, “victim of human trafficking” means an individual who has been recruited, harbored, transported, provided, or obtained for labor, services, or a sexual act through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.B. A board of trustees of a college may, subject to a written policy adopted by the board of trustees, waive the out-of-county fee or out-of-region fee, as determined in Education Article, §16-310(b)1
13b.07.02.9999.htm 13B.07.02.9999. Administrative History Effective date: January 26, 1998 (25:2 Md. R. 77). Regulation .03C amended effective April 15, 2002 (29:7 Md. R. 621). Regulation .03E amended effective June 23, 2003 (30:12 Md. R. 791). Regulation .07 adopted effective April 24, 2017 (44:8 Md. R. 405).
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