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13b.01.02.00.htm 13B.01.02.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 01 NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS Chapter 02 Joseph A. Sellinger Program ― Aid to Nonpublic Higher Education Institutions Authority: Education Article, §17-102, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.01.02.01.htm 13B.01.02.01. 01 Applicability; Effective Date.. The criteria and procedures contained in this chapter apply to the program of aid to nonpublic institutions of higher education provided for by Education Article, §17-101 et seq. Annotated Code of Maryland. These amended criteria and procedures are effective beginning with the expenditure, reporting, and verification of aid awarded for the 1994 fiscal year.
13b.01.02.02.htm 13B.01.02.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Commission" means Maryland Higher Education Commission.. 2) "Eligible institution" means an institution of higher education satisfying the requirements of Regulation .03 of this chapter.3) "Program" or "academic program" means a series of courses which are arranged in a scope and a sequence leading to a degree or certificate, or which constitute a major.
13b.01.02.03.htm 13B.01.02.03. 03 Qualifications for Aid.. A. The Commission shall determine which institutions are eligible for aid under this chapter.. B. To qualify for State aid under this chapter, an institution of higher education shall:. 1) Be a nonprofit private:. a) College or university that was established in the State before July 1, 1970,. b) Institution of higher education that formerly received State aid as a component of a private college or university that was established in this Sta
13b.01.02.04.htm 13B.01.02.04. 04 Computation of Amount of Annual Award.. A. The Commission shall determine the annual apportionment available to each eligible institution in accordance with this regulation.B. Eligible Credit Hours Generated.. 1) The number of eligible credit hours generated in an institution during the fall semester or quarter of the fiscal year next preceding the fiscal year for which the apportionment is to be made shall be computed by adding the number of:
13b.01.02.05.htm 13B.01.02.05. 05 Administration of Program.. A. Verification and Notice.. 1) The Commission may verify the information submitted pursuant to Regulation .04 of this chapter as to eligible credit hours of enrollment by examining the registration or other data on which these submissions are based.2) If the figure resulting from the verification in §A(1) of this regulation differs from the figure submitted, the Commission shall certify to the State Comptroller an award amount based upon the cor
13b.01.02.06.htm 13B.01.02.06. 06 Prohibition of Sectarian Use of Funds.. A. Education Article, §17-107, Annotated Code of Maryland, prohibits recipient institutions from using State funds for sectarian purposes. That provision generally prohibits the use of State funds to support religious instruction, religious worship, or other activities of a religious nature.B. Prohibited Uses.. 1) Listed in §B(2) of this regulation are several potential uses of State funds that would violate the sectarian use prohibit
13b.01.02.07.htm 13B.01.02.07. 07 Review by Board of Public Works.. These criteria and procedures are subject to the review of the Board of Public Works..
13b.01.02.9999.htm 13B.01.02.9999. Administrative History Effective date: March 7, 1980 (7:5 Md. R. 476). Chapter recodified from COMAR 13.50.03 to 13B.01.02 ―. Chapter revised effective April 10, 1995 (22:7 Md. R. 537). Regulation .06C amended effective March 23, 1998 (25:6 Md. R. 490).
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