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13a.07.09.00.htm 13A.07.09.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 07 SCHOOL PERSONNEL Chapter 09 Evaluation of Teachers and Principals Authority: Education Article, §2-205(b) and (g) and 6-202, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.07.09.01.htm 13A.07.09.01. 01 Applicability.. The minimum general standards set forth in Regulation .04 of this chapter shall apply to evaluations of all teachers and principals.
13a.07.09.02.htm 13A.07.09.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Evaluation” means an appraisal of professional performance for a school year based on written criteria and procedures that result in a written evaluation report.2) “Principal” means an individual who serves in the position as a principal and who is certificated under COMAR 13A.12.04.04 or certificated as a resident principal under COMAR 13A.12.04.05.
13a.07.09.03.htm 13A.07.09.03. 03 Incorporation by Reference.. In this chapter, the following documents are incorporated by reference:. A. Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework, February 2005;. B. Educational Leadership Policy Standards: ISLLC 2008; and. C. InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue, April 2011..
13a.07.09.04.htm 13A.07.09.04. 04 Local Education Agency Evaluation System.. A. An evaluation system for teachers and principals developed by a local education agency in mutual agreement with the exclusive employee representatives shall include performance evaluation criteria, at a minimum, based on multiple measures, and on the general standards set forth in §B and C of this regulation.B. General Standards: Teacher Evaluation System.. 1) An evaluation system shall be based on standards, such as the INTASC Mod
13a.07.09.05.htm 13A.07.09.05. 05 Default Model.. A. If the school system and the exclusive employee representative do not reach agreement on an evaluation system, the default model shall be adopted by the school system.B. The default model shall include:. 1) A student growth component that comprises at least 50 percent of the teacher’s and principal’s evaluation in the following ways:a) For school years 2014―2015 and 2015―2016, for elementary and middle school teachers providing instruction in State-assesse
13a.07.09.06.htm 13A.07.09.06. 06 Evaluation Cycle.. A. Tenured Teachers. On the 3-year evaluation cycle, tenured teachers shall be evaluated once annually in the following ways:1) In the first year of the evaluation cycle conducted under these regulations, tenured teachers shall be evaluated on both professional practice and student growth;2) If in the first year of the evaluation cycle a tenured teacher is determined to be highly effective or effective, then in the second year of the ev
13a.07.09.07.htm 13A.07.09.07. 07 Evaluation Report.. A. The evaluation report shall be shared with the teacher or principal who is the subject of the evaluation.B. The teacher or principal shall receive a copy of and sign the evaluation report.. C. The signature of the teacher or principal is for the purpose of acknowledging receipt only.. D. An evaluation report shall provide for written comments and reactions by the individual being evaluated, which shall be attached to the evaluation report.
13a.07.09.08.htm 13A.07.09.08. 08 Appeal of an Evaluation.. A. In the event of an overall rating of ineffective, the local school system shall, at a minimum, provide the teacher or principal with an opportunity to appeal in accordance with Education Article, §4-205(c)4) Annotated Code of Maryland.B. If an observation report is a component of an ineffective evaluation, the observation report may be appealed along with the ineffective evaluation.C. The burden of proof is on the individual appeal
13a.07.09.9999.htm 13A.07.09.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 23, 2012 (39:14 Md. R. 839) ―. Regulations .01―09 repealed and new Regulations .01―08 adopted effective October 27, 2014 (41:21 Md. R. 1260)
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