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Regulatory Review & Evaluation

In accordance with State Government Article, §§10-130—10-139, Annotated Code of Maryland, each State agency that adopts regulations must review those regulations every 8 years, unless exempt under §10-132.1. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the regulations are necessary for the public interest, continue to be supported by statutory authority and judicial opinion, or are appropriate for amendment or repeal.

The review is implemented by Executive Order 01.01.2003.20 which also sets the schedule for performing the review. The evaluation report prepared by the responsible agency is also submitted to the Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee (AELR) of the General Assembly for approval.

At the option of the State agency, notices pertaining to the review process may appear on this web site. Click on Agency Notices, below.

Questions regarding individual agency evaluations should be addressed to those agencies. Questions regarding the evaluation process may be submitted through our support link at

Agency Notices
Executive Order 01.01.2003.20
Forms and Directions for Agency Use
     Regulatory Review and Evaluation Process Memo
     Evaluation Report Form
     Work Plan Template
     Regulatory Review Schedule