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Agency Notices

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Title 01


In accordance with State Government Article, §§10-130—10-139, Annotated Code of Maryland, each State agency that adopts regulations must review those regulations every 8 years, unless exempt under §10-132.1. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the regulations are necessary for the public interest, continue to be supported by statutory authority and judicial opinion, or are appropriate for amendment or repeal.

The review is implemented by Executive Order 01.01.2003.20 which also sets the schedule for performing the review. The evaluation report prepared by the responsible agency is also submitted to the Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee (AELR) of the General Assembly for approval.

At the option of the State agency, notices pertaining to the review process may appear on this web site.
Questions regarding individual agency evaluations should be addressed to those agencies. Questions regarding the evaluation process may be submitted through our support link at


Subtitle 27 Maryland Environmental Service

Notice of Opportunity for Public Inspection and Comment

In accordance with the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act, State Government Article, §§10-130—10-138, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Maryland Environmental Service is currently reviewing and evaluating the following chapters under COMAR 14.27

  • COMAR 14.27.02 Human Resources
  • COMAR 14.27.03 Procurement
  • COMAR 14.27.04 Public Information Act Requests

Opportunity for Public Comment

The Maryland Environmental Service would like to provide interested parties with an opportunity to participate in the review and evaluation process and is requesting written public comments submitted by mail to Pamela Fuller, Paralegal, Maryland Environmental Service, 259 Najoles Road, Millersville, MD 21118, by fax at (410) 729-8220, or by email to Comments must be received not later than February 28, 2017.