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COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations):
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Titles 10, 11, & 26 are available in Parts These parts may be purchased separately. Select link to view the title and subtitle breakdowns of these titles.

A Note about COMAR Update Subscriptions:
  • Regulations in COMAR are amended, repealed, and new Regulations are adopted.
  • These changes to COMAR are published bi-weekly in the Maryland Register.
  • COMAR Print Subscriptions provide semi-annual updates of the changes to the COMAR books in January and July of each year.
  • COMAR e-Subscriptions provide updated replacement titles quarterly, in January, April, July, and October of each year.
  • The annual subscription price is added to the one-time purchase price of the COMAR title when first ordering COMAR; thereafter, our customers are only billed for the annual renewal subscription fee.

Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Publications in Print:
MDH Booklets Order 6x9 Maryland Dept. of Health program booklets
Nurse Practice Act (effective 7/19) available in 6x9 or 8x11 format
Supplements also available for previously purchased 8x11 books
Special COMAR Publications in Print:
Child Care 13A   Order Child Care regulations COMAR 13A.15 — 13A.18
Forest Conservation Order the Technical Manual or the Law Handbooks
PM Handbook Order Preventive Maintenance Handbook
Radiation Order the Control of Ionizing Radiation Handbook or Supplements
Vehicle Inspection Order State Vehicle Inspection Handbook