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advisoryo.2005.01.htm 05.01. OPINION NO. 05-01 STATE ETHICS COMMISSION. October 27, 2005. We have been asked by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation to review the application of the nonparticipation provisions of §15-501 of the Public Ethics Law (Md. Code Ann. State Gov't Title 15 (Supp. 2005) to him in regard to two Fortune 500 companies who are vendors of the Department. Each vendor employs one adult child of the Secretary in locations outside of Maryland and in divisions or programs unrelated t
advisoryo.2005.02.htm 05.02. OPINION NO. 05-02. The Executive Director of the Maryland Port Administration (MPA" has requested an advisory opinion pursuant to §15-501(b)ii) of the Maryland Public Ethics Law, Md. Code Ann. State Gov't Title 15 (2005 Supp. to allow the MPA's Director of Operations to participate in matters involving an international shipping carrier (hereinafter "Carrier" that employs the Director of Operation's older brother. Based on the facts presented, the remoteness of the
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