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advisoryo.2003.01.htm 03.01. OPINION NO. 03-01. The Deputy Communications Director in the Governor's Press Office has requested an advisory opinion as to whether he may continue to produce the in-stadium broadcast of Baltimore Ravens' home football games. Prior to joining the Governor's staff this year, the Requestor had worked for a television and video production company and for the past five years had produced the game day in-stadium video broadcast of Ravens' home games. The Commission adv
advisoryo.2003.02.htm 03.02. OPINION NO. 03-02. The Commission has been asked to advise whether an Assistant to the Governor for Public Safety Affairs may continue to serve on the Board of Directors of a county lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (hereinafter "lodge" or "county lodge of the FOP" For the reasons set forth below, the Requestor's continued service on the Board is not permissible under the Maryland Public Ethics Law, Md. Code Ann. State Gov't Title 15 (Supp. 2003) while he is e
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