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advisoryo.1999.01.htm 99.01. OPINION NO. 99-01. The Department of General Services (DGS) has requested Ethics Commission advice regarding application of the procurement ethics provisions of §15-508 of the Public Ethics Law to an architect engineering firm (the Architect) that prepared program and preliminary schematic design documents in connection with a capital construction project for which detailed design services are now being procured. We advise that the work performed by the Architect,
advisoryo.1999.02.htm 99.02. OPINION NO. 99-02. Advice has been requested from the President of an institution of the University of Maryland System (the Requestor) as to whether and how the Ethics Law applies in view of his substantial stock ownership in a bank that is a tenant in a building that is expected to be purchased by the University. We advise based on the information provided that this ongoing relationship would be inconsistent with the financial interest prohibition of §15-502 of th
advisoryo.1999.03.htm 99.03. OPINION NO. 99-03. State Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether two individuals may serve on the State Board of Dental Examiners if one (the Dental Hygienist) is an employee of the other (the Dentist) in a private dental business. We advise that this type of private employment relationship presents a continuing potential for impairment and would not as a general matter be allowable under the Public Ethics Law (State Government Article, Title 15,
advisoryo.1999.04.htm 99.04. OPINION NO. 99-04. The Mass Transit Administration has requested Ethics Commission advice as to whether a former Director of Planning and Programming for the Administration (the Former Employee) may be employed by and act on behalf of an agency contractor on a preconstruction planning project for the Federal Railroad Administration-sponsored (FRA) Magnetic Levitation Deployment Program (Maglev) We advise based on the information provided regarding this project and
advisoryo.1999.05.htm 99.05. OPINION NO. 99-05. A request for advice has been submitted as to whether and how the post-employment and procurement ethics provisions of the Law apply to the possible employment by the Chief of Special Projects in the Department of General Services with an Energy Service Company that is a bidder on and possibly a vendor under an indefinite delivery contract in the energy performance program. We advise that as described and assuming the Requestor properly disqualif
advisoryo.1999.06.htm 99.06. OPINION NO. 99-06. Ethics Commission advice has been requested from an individual (the Requestor) involved with the Department of Business and Economic Development's Business License Information System as to whether she may have a private business collecting and marketing permit and licensing inventory information relating to other states. We advise that this secondary employment and business activity is allowable within certain constraints designed to ensure that
advisoryo.1999.07.htm 99.07. OPINION NO. 99-07. An opinion has been requested by a member of the Board of Morticians regarding application of the Ethics Law to his services as an officer and board member of the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards (the Conference) An issue has also been raised as to his Board service in view of his recent change in employment to a funeral service establishment whose owner/officer is also a member of the Board of Morticians. We advise th
advisoryo.1999.08.htm 99.08. OPINION NO. 99-08. Ethics Commission advice has been requested regarding application of the Ethics Law, including the Time of Appointment and other exemptions, to a member of the Maryland Aviation Commission who is a principal in an investment banking firm that has a variety of dealings with State financial transactions relating to airport facilities that are within the responsibility of the Aviation Commission. We advise that the Time of Appointment Exemption prov
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