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advisoryo.1995.01.htm 95.01. OPINION NO. 95-1. A request has been received from the Deputy Executive Director of the Maryland Port Administration (MPA) concerning whether he may participate with other individuals in a transaction with the City of Baltimore to purchase a restaurant/hotel located in the Inner Harbor near the World Trade Center. Based on the description of the Requestor's duties and the advice from the Port Administration regarding its potential interaction with the City and the private entity, we advis
advisoryo.1995.02.htm 95.02. OPINION NO. 95-2. An advisory opinion has been requested as to whether a Technology Advisor to the Secretary of the Department of Economic and Employment Development (DEED) may pursue post-State employment with a private corporation created by the Secretary to implement a federal technology transfer grant, if the individual was involved in developing the grant project and establishing the corporation. Based on the information provided regarding the development of this program, we advise t
advisoryo.1995.03.htm 95.03. OPINION NO. 95-03. An opinion has been requested as to whether the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Department of General Services may be a licensed real estate broker and engage in a limited real estate business. We advise, based on the facts presented regarding the Requestor's official duties and the nature of his real estate activities, that this activity may continue, assuming that the circumstances remain in the narrow confines as described.The Requestor works in th
advisoryo.1995.04.htm 95.04. Opinion No. 95-4. A question has arisen regarding application of the Public Ethics Law where the Assistant Bank Commissioner for Credit Unions (the Employee) is married to the President of the Credit Union Insurance Corporation (CUIC) a private State-established entity responsible for insuring and providing a variety of support services to credit unions. We advise that various steps must be taken by the Employee's agency to ensure that he does not violate the Ethics Law by participating i
advisoryo.1995.05.htm 95.05. Opinion No. 95-5. Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether a member of the State Roads Commission (and by virtue of this an ex officio member of the Maryland Transportation Commission) may enter into a transaction to purchase real property from the State Highway Administration. We advise that this transaction should not proceed as long as this individual continues to serve on these two State commissions.The State Roads Commission is established in Artic
advisoryo.1995.06.htm 95.06. Opinion No. 95-6. Advice has been requested regarding application of the Time of Appointment exemption to a member of the Governor's Council on Adolescent Pregnancy. Based on previously submitted disclosures and information regarding current transactions, and the specific facts presented regarding current activity, we advise that the previous Time of Appointment Exemption Disclosure Statements apply to allow the continued private involvement of the Member in the pThe Governor's Council on
advisoryo.1995.07.htm 95.07. OPINION NO. 95-7. An opinion has been requested as to whether a Maryland State Police Trooper assigned to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division may have a private business providing consulting services to small businesses operating trucks only in Pennsylvania regarding their compliance with federal and Pennsylvania trucking requirements. We advise that this activity is not barred by the Ethics Law, assuming it is conducted as described and within the strict parameters set forth in t
advisoryo.1995.08.htm 95.08. Opinion No. 95-8. An opinion has been requested as to whether a physician (the Employee) in the Office of Licensing and Certification Programs, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) may engage in substantial activities with a professional society. We advise that this affiliation and activity is not as currently described an employment relationship that is prohibited by the Ethics Law, but that care must be taken by the Employee to ensure that her dealings with the professional as
advisoryo.1995.09.htm 95.09. Opinion No. 95-9. Ethics Commission advice has been requested as to whether the recently appointed Assistant Secretary for Administration in the Department of Licensing and Regulation (the Requestor) may continue to serve on the Board of Directors of two private entities, the Avenue Market Corporation and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We advise that service with the Avenue Market Corporation may continue within certain constraints, but that continued affiliation with Blue Cross/Blue Shield is b
advisoryo.1995.10.htm 95.10. Opinion No. 95-10. A question has been presented regarding application of the post-employment provision of the Public Ethics Law (Article 40A, §3-103(b) Annotated Code of Maryland, the Ethics Law) to the involvement by the former Market Manager of the Maryland Food Market Authority's produce market (the Requestor) with the tenants of the Market. We advise as to the post-employment limitations, that the Requestor must refrain from activities and affiliations with th
advisoryo.1995.11.htm 95.11. OPINION NO. 95-11. An inquiry has been presented as to whether the Chief of Special Projects (the Employee) of the Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) may have a private contractor/employment relationship with the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (JHU or the School) We advise, given the significant relationships between the JHU and affiliated entities and the Employee's State agency, and the relationship of his official duties
advisoryo.1995.12.htm 95.12. OPINION NO. 95-12. An opinion has been requested as to whether the Ethics Law applies to prohibit the Coordinator of Academic Education in the Correctional Education Program of the Department of Education (MSDE) from serving as the part-time compensated Executive Director of the Correctional Education Association. We advise, based on the information provided, particularly on the past absence of problems in connection with this activity, that this employment may con
advisoryo.1995.13.htm 95.13. OPINION NO. 95-13. An advisory opinion has been requested on behalf of two private business entities (the Requestors) regarding application of the procurement ethics provisions of the Public Ethics Law (State Government Article, §15-508 (formerly Article 40A, §3-110) Annotated Code of Maryland) to the selection of an A/E contractor for the renovation of the Eastern Correctional Institution (ECI) kitchen. We advise, based on the information provided, particularly as
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