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advisoryo.1979.01.htm 79.01. OPINION NO. 79-1. The Executive Committee of the Maryland Historical Trust (the Trust) has requested our advisory opinion concerning the activities of one of its trustees (the Trustee)The Trust was established in 1961 by the General Assembly "for the purpose of preserving and maintaining historical, aesthetic and cultural properties.pertaining in any way to.the State of Maryland from earliest times, to encourage others to do so and to promote interest in and study of such matters
advisoryo.1979.02.htm 79.02. OPINION NO. 79-2. A Corporal with the Maryland State Police has asked the Commission for a waiver under ยง3-103(a) of Title 3. Appearing at the hearing held in open session were the Corporal, his attorney, and the Chief of the Special Operations Bureau of the Maryland State Police.The Corporal testified that he was granted permission by the Maryland State Police (the State Police) in 1976 to operate a gunsmith shop at his home for the purpose of repairing, purchasing, and selli
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