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13b.08.13.00.htm 13B.08.13.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 08 FINANCIAL AID Chapter 13 Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship Program and Jean B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship Program Authority: Education Article, §11-105(u) 18-204(c) and 18-601, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.08.13.01.htm 13B.08.13.01. 01 Purpose.. A. The purpose of the Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship Program is to provide student financial assistance to certain individuals due to their eligible military or public safety service or due to their eligible family or marital relationship to such an individual.B. The purpose of the Jean B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship Program is to provide student financial assistance to eligible children and surviving spouses of school employees who,
13b.08.13.02.htm 13B.08.13.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meaning indicated.. B. “Child” means a son, daughter, stepson, or stepdaughter.. C. “Conroy-Cryor scholarship” means the Edward T. and Mary A. Conroy Memorial Scholarship Program and the Jean B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship Program administered under this chapter.D. “Disabled public safety employee” means a State or local public safety employee who sustains an injury in the line of duty that:1) Precludes the individu
13b.08.13.03.htm 13B.08.13.03. 03 Eligibility.. To be eligible for a Conroy-Cryor scholarship, an individual shall:. A. Be a resident of Maryland at the time of the application or have been a resident of Maryland when an event described in §C of this regulation occurred;B. Be accepted for admission or enrolled in the regular undergraduate, graduate, or professional program at a Maryland postsecondary institution, or in a 2-year terminal certificate program in which the course work is accepta
13b.08.13.04.htm 13B.08.13.04. 04 Award Amount.. A. The annual Conroy-Cryor award may not exceed the equivalent annual tuition and mandatory fees of a resident undergraduate at a 4-year public institution of higher education within the University System of Maryland, other than the University of Maryland University College and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, with the highest annual expenses for a full-time resident undergraduate.B. An annual Conroy-Cryor award may not be less than the lesser of:.
13b.08.13.05.htm 13B.08.13.05. 05 Application Procedures.. A. An interested individual may apply for a Conroy-Cryor scholarship by submitting an application to their institution of interest containing:1) A completed Conroy-Cryor scholarship application form;. 2) If the applicant is a son or daughter, a birth certificate showing the names of both parents;. 3) If the applicant is a stepson or stepdaughter:. a) A birth certificate showing the names of both parents; and.
13b.08.13.06.htm 13B.08.13.06. 06 Awarding Procedures.. A. Applicants who are awarded a Conroy-Cryor scholarship shall be notified of the award in writing by the institution’s financial aid office.B. A Conroy-Cryor scholarship recipient shall provide the institution’s financial aid office with a written acceptance of the award by the date specified by the institution.C. No more than 15 Conroy-Cryor scholarships may be awarded annually to Veterans who suffer from a service connected disabili
13b.08.13.07.htm 13B.08.13.07. 07 Payment.. A. Institutions shall make the initial award disbursement on the eligible student’s behalf.. B. The institution’s financial aid office shall report to OSFA each October and February information as required by OSFA regarding eligible Conroy-Cryor scholarship recipients.C. Upon receipt and acceptance of the institution’s information, OSFA shall authorize Conroy-Cryor scholarship reimbursements to the institutions.D. If sufficient funds are not appropriated for th
13b.08.13.08.htm 13B.08.13.08. 08 Renewal And Continuation.. A. OSFA shall renew all eligible Conroy-Cryor scholarship recipients who were initially awarded prior to FY 2011 and shall continue to renew them until they complete their program of study or are otherwise no longer eligible for the award.B. Institutions of higher education shall make Conroy-Cryor scholarship renewal awards to students who received their first award during FY 2011 or later.C. A Conroy-Cryor scholarship may be renewed on an
13b.08.13.09.htm 13B.08.13.09. 09 Revocation Of Award.. A Conroy-Cryor scholarship award shall be revoked if:. A. The criteria in Regulation .07 or .08 of this chapter are not met;. B. The recipient makes any changes to name, address, or any other information pertinent to the Conroy-Cryor scholarship and fails to inform the financial aid office at their institution or other office designated by their institution to administer the program; orC. The recipient otherwise fails to satisfy the eligibility criteria..
13b.08.13.10.htm 13B.08.13.10. 10 Appeals.. A. Each eligible institution shall establish and publicize its appeal process for the Conroy-Cryor scholarship program.B. An institution’s appeal decision may not be appealed to OSFA in the Maryland Higher Education Commission.
13b.08.13.9999.htm 13B.08.13.9999. Administrative History Effective date: April 24, 2017 (44:8 Md. R. 406).
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