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13b.02.01.00.htm 13B.02.01.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 02 ACADEMIC REGULATIONS Chapter 01 Requirements for Authorization of Out-of-State Degree-Granting Institutions to Operate in Maryland Authority: Education Article, §10-212, 11-105, 11-201―11-207, and 16-108, Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.02.01.01.htm 13B.02.01.01. 01 Purpose.. A. This chapter implements the provisions of Education Article, §11-201―11-204, Annotated Code of Maryland.B. The purpose of this chapter is to require that out-of-State institutions:. 1) Maintain intellectual and academic integrity;. 2) Have adequate financial resources and be operated in accordance with acceptable principles of sound financial management;3) Have a clearly defined mission, with goals and objectives consistent with the purposes of higher
13b.02.01.02.htm 13B.02.01.02. 02 Scope.. A. The requirements in this chapter apply to all out-of-State institutions, including colleges and universities, and separately incorporated graduate institutions or centers that require or seek a certificate of approval to operate in Maryland, or continue to operate in Maryland, and grant formal awards within the State.B. The requirements in this chapter also apply to existing out-of-State institutions that are seeking approval to offer a new degree level in Maryland.
13b.02.01.03.htm 13B.02.01.03. 03 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) Academic Credit.. a) "Academic credit" means the certification of a student's successful completion of a unit of a course of study leading to a formal award granted by an out-of-State institution approved to offer a collegiate degree, such as an associate or higher degree.b) "Academic credit" does not include credit that may be awarded for remedial education..
13b.02.01.04.htm 13B.02.01.04. 04 Exemptions.. A. This chapter does not apply to an out-of-State institution offering a course or a program on a military installation if:1) The recruitment and enrollment of students is limited to active duty military personnel, dependents of active duty military personnel, or civilians employed at the installation;2) The institution waives its right to claim veterans' benefits for enrollees; and. 3) The institution applies for and is granted an exemption from this regulation..
13b.02.01.04-1.htm 13B.02.01.04-1. 04-1 Report by Out-of-State Institutions.. A. An out-of-State institution that has no more than ten students in a single program placed simultaneously at one site in the State in a supervised internship, practicum, or field experience as a required part of a degree or certificate program shall:1) Submit to the Secretary, by June 30 of each year, an annual report detailing the number of students placed at each internship, practicum, or field experience location; and
13b.02.01.05.htm 13B.02.01.05. 05 Institutional Titles.. A. An out-of-State institution or other out-of-State entity may not use the name "college" "university" "regional higher education center" or word of similar import, in a manner that connotes the offering of a postsecondary educational course or program, unless that institution has first met the criteria established by, and obtained a certificate of approval from, the Commission in the manner provided by law.B. Change of Institutional Designation..
13b.02.01.06.htm 13B.02.01.06. 06 Need Criteria.. A. Before the Commission may evaluate the readiness of an out-of-State institution to operate in Maryland or award new degrees in the State, including the offering of an instructional program or a degree level not previously approved, the institution shall present evidence demonstrating the educational need to establish operations, offer programs, and award the degrees in question in the State.B. The evidence required by §A of this regulation shall include:.
13b.02.01.07.htm 13B.02.01.07. 07 Institutional Initial Approval Process.. A. An out-of-State institution seeking initial approval may not operate in Maryland, do business, recruit or enroll students, begin instruction, or promote advanced publicity through advertisements, announcements, or other similar media on proposed courses or programs to be offered in Maryland until it obtains approval from the Secretary in accordance with this chapter.B. The Secretary's approval to operate in Maryland
13b.02.01.07-1.htm 13B.02.01.07-1. 07-1. Operation of Out-of-State SARA Institutions in the State.. A. An out-of-state SARA institution that does not operate in Maryland may provide SARA distance education in the State.B. An out-of-State SARA institution may not operate in Maryland unless it first obtains a certificate of approval from the Commission pursuant to Education Article, §11-202, Annotated Code of Maryland.C. An out-of-State SARA institution that operates in Maryland may not offer
13b.02.01.08.htm 13B.02.01.08. 08 Institutional Renewal Approval Process.. A. An out-of-State institution seeking to continue to operate in Maryland at a previously approved location for an additional year may not operate in Maryland, do business, recruit or enroll students, begin instruction, or promote advanced publicity through advertisements, announcements, or other similar media on proposed courses or programs to be offered in Maryland until it obtains approval from the Secretary in accorda
13b.02.01.09.htm 13B.02.01.09. 09 Withdrawal of Approval and Other Sanctions.. A. If, on the basis of available documentation, the Secretary believes that an out-of-State institution does not meet the conditions or standards on which its certificate of approval, or any other approval issued by the Commission or Secretary, was based, the Secretary shall give the institution written notice specifying the deficiencies believed to exist.B. The written notice shall specify the alleged deficiencies, direct the ou
13b.02.01.10.htm 13B.02.01.10. 10 Accreditation.. A. An out-of-State institution shall maintain continuous full accreditation by an organization recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education to grant institutional accreditation. Candidacy status and official probationary status may not be considered as a valid substitution for full institutional accreditation.B. Proposed specialized fields of study, maintaining professional accreditation by an association recognized by the United St
13b.02.01.11.htm 13B.02.01.11. 11 Academic Policies.. Institutional academic policies for admission, graduation, and the awarding of academic credit shall be consistent with policies maintained by the parent institution for resident students and shall be consistent with the State's minimum requirements for colleges operating in Maryland as provided in COMAR 13B.02.02.15, .16, and .19.
13b.02.01.12.htm 13B.02.01.12. 12 One Semester Hour of Credit.. A. An out-of-State institution shall award 1 semester hour of credit for:. 1) A minimum of 15 hours of 50 minutes each of actual class time, exclusive of registration, study days, and holidays, when supervision is assured and learning is documented;2) A minimum of 30 hours of 50 minutes each of supervised laboratory or studio time, exclusive of registration, study days, and holidays, when supervision is assured and learn3) A minimum of 45 hours
13b.02.01.13.htm 13B.02.01.13. 13 Credit for Practica, Clinical Experience, Internships, and Cooperative Work Experiences.. A. An out-of-State institution awarding academic credit for practica, clinical experiences, internships, and cooperative work experiences shall ensure that the credit is being awarded for actual academic learning.B. A student shall demonstrate competence through testing or through other appropriate evaluative measures.C. A degree-granting institution offering baccalau
13b.02.01.14.htm 13B.02.01.14. 14 Credit for Prior Learning.. A. An out-of-State institution may not award more than 1/2 the number of credits required for graduation, regardless of the method of assessing the credit, for credit for prior learning or experience.B. An out-of-State institution may grant credit for prior learning or experience based upon successful completion of an acceptable standardized examination such as the College-Level Examination Program.
13b.02.01.15.htm 13B.02.01.15. 15 Administrative Staff.. A. The out-of-State institution shall provide for an on-site administrative staff responsible for the overall administrative operation of educational activities, including counseling, advising, testing, orientation, financial aid services, and maintenance of academic records.B. In addition to being responsible for the administration of the policies and procedures established by the parent institution, the designated administrators are responsible
13b.02.01.16.htm 13B.02.01.16. 16 Faculty.. A. The faculty employed by the out-of-State institution shall be competent on the basis of their formal education and professional experience to enable them, through effective instruction and other activities, to achieve the educational objectives of the institution.B. A faculty member shall have completed formal studies at an institution that is accredited by an organization recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education to grant institu
13b.02.01.17.htm 13B.02.01.17. 17 Library Resources.. A. An out-of-State institution offering programs or courses, or both, in Maryland, shall provide adequate and appropriate library resources within State boundaries and within reasonable distance of the instructional site. Usage statistics shall be kept to determine to what extent these resources are available and accessible.B. Waiver.. 1) In extraordinary circumstances, an out-of-State institution may request a waiver of the requirements of §A of this regulat
13b.02.01.18.htm 13B.02.01.18. 18 Student Services and Activities.. A. Student services and activities shall realistically reflect the stated objectives, purposes, and philosophy of the out-of-State institution. The needs and welfare of students shall be of primary concern if there is to be motivation toward worthwhile academic achievement. Student policies shall encourage associations among students, faculty, and the administration, and shall provide opportunities for the development of individual potential.
13b.02.01.19.htm 13B.02.01.19. 19 Facilities.. A. Because the effective operation of an institution depends largely upon the physical atmosphere of the surroundings, the cleanliness, state of repair, and attractive appearance of the out-of-State institution's grounds and buildings shall provide an adequate and effective educational environment.B. An out-of-State institution shall provide safe, accessible, functional, and appropriately maintained facilities.
13b.02.01.20.htm 13B.02.01.20. 20 Catalog and Official Publications.. A. General Requirements.. 1) An out-of-State institution shall publish in print or electronically on a regular and continuing basis an official catalog or other official publication that describes the institution and its program and course offerings, relative to its operations in Maryland, accurately and completely.2) The catalog is the official document of the institution.. 3) The catalog and other publications of the insti
13b.02.01.21.htm 13B.02.01.21. 21 Instruction Delivered by Distance Education.. An out-of-State institution operating in Maryland and delivering instruction in Maryland by distance education shall provide evidence to the Secretary of compliance with the C-RAC guidelines.
13b.02.01.22.htm 13B.02.01.22. 22 Out-of-State Institutions Operating at a Regional Higher Education Center or in a Community College Facility.A. The governing body of a regional higher education center may submit to the Commission a request for proposals for the offering of a baccalaureate degree program at a center in accordance with §C of this regulation.B. A board of trustees of a community college may submit to the Commission a request for proposals for the offering of a baccalaureate degree program
13b.02.01.9999.htm 13B.02.01.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 27, 1979 (6:15 Md. R. 1285). Chapter recodified from COMAR 13.50.02 to 13B.02.01. Regulations .01―05 repealed and new Regulations .01―21 adopted effective January 12, 1998 (25:1 Md. R. 16)Regulation .02B amended effective June 23, 2003 (30:12 Md. R. 790) December 22, 2003 (30:25 Md. R. 1850) December 31, 2007 (34:26 Md. R. 2263)Regulation .21A amended effective December 22, 2003 (30:25 Md. R. 1850).
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