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13b.01.01.00.htm 13B.01.01.00. Title 13B MARYLAND HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Subtitle 01 NONPUBLIC SCHOOLS Chapter 01 Minimum Requirements for Private Career Schools Authority: Education Article, Title 11, Subtitles 1, 2, and 4; State Government Article, Title 10, Subtitle 2; Annotated Code of Maryland
13b.01.01.01.htm 13B.01.01.01. 01 Purpose.. A. The purpose of this chapter is to provide minimum requirements for the operation of private career schools in Maryland. All private career schools shall comply with Regulations .01―20 of this chapter. A school offering a program in whole or part by distance education also shall comply with Regulations .21―27 of this chapter.B. Before issuing a certificate of approval or renewal of approval to operate a private career school, the Maryland Higher Ed
13b.01.01.02.htm 13B.01.01.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Additional location" means a separate facility of an approved school, not in close proximity to the approved school.2) "Advertising" means any statement of the school in writing or otherwise, through any media, which is intended to induce an individual to seek admission to or otherwise engage in any contract of admission to the school.3) "Applicant" means the
13b.01.01.03.htm 13B.01.01.03. 03 Scope, Applicability, and Exemption.. A. These regulations apply to all private career schools that require a certificate of approval to commence or continue to operate, do business, or function in the State.B. These regulations, except where explicitly stated otherwise, do not apply to:. 1) A program delivered entirely by distance education to a single individual at a Maryland location by a person, firm, corporation, or other organization that operates all asp
13b.01.01.04.htm 13B.01.01.04. 04 School Approval Process.. A. Delegation to Secretary on Approvals.. 1) The Maryland Higher Education Commission has delegated to the Secretary of Higher Education the responsibility and authority to act on its behalf on applications for the operation of private career schools in the State, including but not limited to initial approvals, renewals of approval, changes of ownership, approvals of additional locations and new programs, denials of approval, and withdraw
13b.01.01.05.htm 13B.01.01.05. 05 Program Approval Process.. A. Approval of New Programs/Program Modifications.. 1) Approval of New Programs.. a) Application for approval to offer a new program shall be made to the Secretary on an application form provided by the Secretary and accompanied by additional academic and financial information as may be required.b) Completed Application. Within 15 days of receipt of the application, the Secretary shall inform the applicant whether the application is complete o
13b.01.01.06.htm 13B.01.01.06. 06 School Reports.. A. Annual School Report. An approved school is required to submit an annual report each year on forms and on a schedule provided by the Secretary. This report covers the fiscal and managerial aspects of the school's operation and other information as required by the Secretary.B. Reporting to Other State Agencies. The Secretary may waive part or all of the requirements in §A of this regulation, if it is determined that the same information is being
13b.01.01.07.htm 13B.01.01.07. 07 Organization and Administration.. A. The organization of a school shall be designed to accomplish the school’s objectives as stated in its application for certification of approval.B. The owner, director, and employees of an applicant for approval or of a school shall have a demonstrated history of ethical personal and professional practices. The school shall be administered in conformity with generally accepted educational, professional, and ethical sC. The owner of a school
13b.01.01.08.htm 13B.01.01.08. 08 Admission and Recruitment.. A. Admission Requirements. Schools shall have admission requirements for each program so that each student admitted to a program may expect to be able to complete the program successfully. The school shall strictly adhere to the approved admissions requirements and policies. A prospective student may not begin training in a program until all entrance requirements have been fulfilled. A school shall maintain documentation indicating that all admis
13b.01.01.09.htm 13B.01.01.09. 09 Instructional Programs.. A. Hours.. 1) A school may measure instructional time of programs and courses in either clock hours or credit hours with the approval of the Secretary of Higher Education.2) Clock Hours. Schools that are authorized to measure instructional time in clock hours shall report the total number of clock hours and the number of weeks for each program and the component courses. A school shall adopt a consistent measurement of clock hours for which 1
13b.01.01.10.htm 13B.01.01.10. 10 Instructional Staff.. A. School staff should be adequately trained in their various fields, and there should be satisfactory evidence of continuing professional competence. Instructors shall have a minimum of 2 years of successful practical experience in the occupation or subject or its equivalent in formal training beyond the standard learning period recognized for the trade or occupation that they are to teach. Instructors shall demonstrate up-to-date knowledge and
13b.01.01.11.htm 13B.01.01.11. 11 Student Records.. A. The school shall maintain adequate permanent student records which include:. 1) Evidence of compliance with the school's admissions requirements;. 2) Credit granted for previous experience or training;. 3) Dates of admission, start dates, and withdrawal or completion dates;. 4) Reasons for withdrawals when known;. 5) Daily attendance;. 6) Student transcripts indicating achievements; and. 7) Tuition and financial aid records, when applicable..
13b.01.01.12.htm 13B.01.01.12. 12 Tuition, Fees, Enrollment Contracts, Refunds.. A. A school shall publish in its catalog its schedule of tuition and fees and methods of payment. The school may not deviate from its published tuition and fees and methods of payment.B. A school shall furnish a student with information regarding the cost of the necessary books, supplies, and materials. The school shall indicate clearly these costs and any extra fees which are in addition to tuition. The books, supplies, and other
13b.01.01.13.htm 13B.01.01.13. 13 Financial Aid and Scholarships.. A. Financial aid and scholarships to students may be offered only on the following bases and in accordance with State and federal requirements:1) A school may grant bona fide loans to worthy and needy students;. 2) Financial aid, such as work or service scholarships, may be granted, provided the duties performed are bona fide and the remuneration paid is not in excess of current local rates for comparable service;3) Scholarship programs s
13b.01.01.14.htm 13B.01.01.14. 14 Procedure for Student Grievances.. A. The school shall develop a statement of student rights, privileges, and responsibilities of students and make this statement available to students through the catalog, student handbook, or other appropriate publication.B. The school shall publish a student grievance procedure in its catalog, student handbook, or other appropriate publication.C. If a student has exhausted a school's grievance procedure and still claims to be aggrieved, the s
13b.01.01.15.htm 13B.01.01.15. 15 Catalog and Official Advertising.. A. Each school shall have a catalog that shall be given to all students at the time of enrollment. The catalog shall describe comprehensively the school's facilities, educational offerings, activities, policies, and other information prescribed by the Secretary, and shall state the estimated length of each of the school's programs and courses in clock hours, credit hours if applicable, weeks, and months.B. The catalog of each sc
13b.01.01.16.htm 13B.01.01.16. 16 Facilities and Equipment.. A. A school shall comply with all State and local laws, ordinances, and requirements including those for fire, health, and zoning. It is the responsibility of the school to secure and document that the required State and local approvals have been granted.B. A facility and the space provided for required instructional purposes shall be safe and sanitary and conform to standards of sound educational practice. Adequate classroom space shall be provided w
13b.01.01.17.htm 13B.01.01.17. 17 Finances.. A. A school shall be operated in accordance with sound principles of financial management.. B. A school shall maintain financial resources adequate for the satisfactory conduct of the school.. C. A school shall maintain adequate financial records to indicate accurately the school's cash receipts, disbursements, assets, liabilities, and capital. The financial records as well as all other records of the school shall be open for inspection at any reasonable time by t
13b.01.01.18.htm 13B.01.01.18. 18 Guaranty Student Tuition Fund.. A. In this regulation, the following terms have the meanings indicated:. 1) “Adjusted gross tuition” means all fees received on a cash or accrual accounting method basis for all instructional programs or courses, except the registration, application, and enrollment fees and charges for materials, supplies, and books which have been purchased by, and are the property of, the student, less refunds paid to students.
13b.01.01.19.htm 13B.01.01.19. 19 Financial Guarantee.. A. A financial guarantee required by this chapter shall be:. 1) In the form of a performance bond or an irrevocable letter of credit;. 2) Made under the terms and conditions determined by the Secretary, including the conditions that the school shall:a) Perform faithfully all agreements or contracts it makes with its students; and. b) Comply with Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, and with this chapter;.
13b.01.01.20.htm 13B.01.01.20. 20 Sanctions.. A. The Secretary shall deny approval to or withdraw the approval of a school found to be in violation of these regulations or of the Education Article, Title 11, Annotated Code of Maryland.B. A school's authority to operate becomes void if instruction does not begin within 6 months from the date of approval.C. A school's authority to operate becomes void if all instruction is discontinued unless the Secretary determines there are extenuating circumstances
13b.01.01.21.htm 13B.01.01.21. 21 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Approval.. A. A school offering a program in whole or in part by distance education shall comply with:. 1) Regulations .21―27 of this chapter; and. 2) Unless otherwise specified, all other regulations of this chapter.. B. A school shall obtain approval from the Secretary using distance education as a mode of instructional delivery for a program.C. A new school applicant shall seek and obtain approval to operate a priva
13b.01.01.22.htm 13B.01.01.22. 22 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Curriculum and Instruction.. A. A school shall utilize appropriate instructional delivery methods and technology to meet the objectives of a program, conform with generally accepted educational, professional, and ethical standards, and comply with the following conditions:1) The objectives of the program shall be reasonably attainable and be of a nature that they can be achieved through distance2) The learning objective
13b.01.01.23.htm 13B.01.01.23. 23 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Faculty Support.. A. A school shall provide faculty support services specifically related to teaching by distance education.B. A school shall provide training for faculty who use technology in instruction..
13b.01.01.24.htm 13B.01.01.24. 24 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Students and Student Services.. A. Accepted students shall have the documented background, knowledge, and technical skills needed to undertake the program. A school shall assess whether students have the skills and competencies to succeed in a distance-learning environment before their enrollment in the program. A prospective student may not begin training in a program until all entrance requirements hav
13b.01.01.25.htm 13B.01.01.25. 25 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Evaluation and Assessment.. A. A school shall provide for frequent assessment and documentation of student achievement in each course and at the completion of the program, which comply with the following:1) Examinations and other evaluative techniques shall adequately measure mastery of stated learning objectives;2) Adequate provisions and safeguards to ensure the security and integrity of student testing and ev
13b.01.01.26.htm 13B.01.01.26. 26 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools ― Commitment to Support.. A. A school shall demonstrate a commitment to ongoing support, both financial and technical, and to a continuation of the program for a period sufficient to enable a student to complete a program.B. A school shall provide a financial guarantee in accordance with Regulation .19 of this chapter..
13b.01.01.27.htm 13B.01.01.27. 27 Interactive Distance Education by Private Career Schools―Tuition, Fees, Refunds.. A. For a combined program, the tuition price for the distance education portion and the tuition price for the resident portion shall be separately stated on the enrollment agreement. The total of the two shall be the total tuition charge.B. For the resident portion of a combined program, charges shall be assessed only after a student attends the first resident 1) For the resident porti
13b.01.01.9999.htm 13B.01.01.9999. Administrative History Effective date: September 22, 1978 (5:19 Md. R. 1447). Chapter recodified from COMAR 13.50.01 to 13B.01.01. Regulation .09 adopted effective December 6, 1982 (9:24 Md. R. 2390). Regulations .01―09, Private Career Schools, repealed effective February 18, 1991 (18:3 Md. R. 307) ―. Regulations .01―20, Minimum Requirements for Private Career Schools, adopted effective February 18, 1991 (18:3 Md. R. 307)Regulations .02 and .12 amended as an emergency pr
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