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13a.18.10.00.htm 13A.18.10.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 18 LARGE FAMILY CHILD CARE HOMES Chapter 10 Safety Authority: Education Article, §9.5-301―9.5-308, 9.5-310―9.5-312, 9.5-320, and 9.5-321; General Provisions Article, §4-333; Human Services Article, §1-202; Annotated Code of Maryland Agency Note: Federal Statutory Reference ― Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq. Pro-Children Act of 1994 (20 U.S.C. §6081 et seq. Child Care Development Block Grant (45
13a.18.10.01.htm 13A.18.10.01. 01 Emergency Safety Requirements.. A. Emergency and Disaster Plan.. 1) The provider or a staff member shall:. a) Complete emergency preparedness training that is approved by the office; and. b) As part of the approved emergency preparedness training, prepare a written emergency and disaster plan for the child care home.2) The provider shall maintain the emergency and disaster plan prepared in accordance with §A(1)b) of this regulation.3) The emergency and disaster plan shall:.
13a.18.10.02.htm 13A.18.10.02. 02 First Aid and CPR.. A. At all times, including during an off-site activity, at least one family child care teacher or the provider shall be present who holds a current certificate indicating successful completion of approved:1) Basic first aid training through the American Red Cross, or a program with equivalent standards, which is appropriate to all child age groups for which the child care home is approved; and2) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training th
13a.18.10.03.htm 13A.18.10.03. 03 Safe Use of Materials and Equipment.. The provider shall ensure that furnishings, activity materials, and equipment, whether intended for indoor use or outdoor use, are used:A. In a safe and appropriate manner by each staff member and each child in attendance; and. B. As applicable, in accordance with manufacturer instructions or recommendations..
13a.18.10.04.htm 13A.18.10.04. 04 Potentially Hazardous Items.. A. A provider shall store all potentially harmful items, including but not limited to the items described in §B—E of this regulation, in locations which are inaccessible to children in care.B. Petroleum and flammable products shall be stored in an approved manner.. C. Cleaning and sanitizing agents and poisonous products shall be stored apart from food and beverages.D. Containers of poisonous products may not be kept on the premises unless
13a.18.10.05.htm 13A.18.10.05. 05 Rest Time Safety.. A. Unless specified otherwise in writing by the child's physician, a child who:. 1) Cannot roll over without assistance shall be placed for sleep on the child's back; or. 2) Is younger than 12 months old but can roll over unassisted shall be placed for sleep on the child's back, but may be allowed to adopt whatever position the child prefers for sleep.B. Unless the need for a positioning device is specified in writing by a child's physician, a restri
13a.18.10.06.htm 13A.18.10.06. 06 Transportation.. A. Unless being transported in a registered school bus or contract motor coach, each child who is transported in a vehicle while in care shall be separately secured in a child car seat or seat belt which is appropriate for the child's age and weight, as specified by Maryland law.B. A vehicle used to transport a child in care shall comply with all applicable State and federal safety requirements.
13a.18.10.9999.htm 13A.18.10.9999. Administrative History Effective date: February 6, 2012 (39:2 Md. R. 142). Regulation .01A, B amended effective January 13, 2020 (47:1 Md. R. 17).
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