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13a.15.11.00.htm 13A.15.11.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 15 FAMILY CHILD CARE Chapter 11 Health Authority: Education Article, §9.5-301―9.5-308, 9.5-310―9.5-312, 9.5-320, and 9.5-321; General Provisions Article, §4-333; Human Services Article, §1-202; Annotated Code of Maryland Agency Note: Federal Statutory Reference ― Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. §12101 et seq. Pro-Children Act of 1994 (20 U.S.C. §6081 et seq. Child Care Development Block Grant (45 CFR Parts 98
13a.15.11.01.htm 13A.15.11.01. 01 Child Comfort and Welfare.. The provider or substitute shall:. A. Dress a child appropriately, both indoors and outdoors, for the temperature of the environment and the activity of the child;B. During an indoor or outdoor activity:. 1) Monitor each child for signs of discomfort due to over-activity, temperature or weather conditions, or other environmental factors; and2) If a child is experiencing discomfort, take appropriate steps to alleviate the discomfort; and.
13a.15.11.02.htm 13A.15.11.02. 02 Exclusion for Acute Illness.. A. The provider or substitute shall:. 1) Monitor children for signs and symptoms of acute illness; and. 2) Notify immediately a child's parent or other person designated on the child's emergency card upon observing a sign or symptom of acute illness.B. The provider or substitute may not allow a child to enter or remain in care if the child is exhibiting symptoms of acute illness such as, but not limited to:1) Vomiting;. 5) Diarrhea..
13a.15.11.03.htm 13A.15.11.03. 03 Infectious and Communicable Diseases.. A provider or substitute may not knowingly care for a child who has a serious transmissible infection or communicable disease during the period of exclusion for that infection or disease shown in the Communicable Disease Summary, as published by the Maryland Department of Health.
13a.15.11.04.htm 13A.15.11.04. 04 Medication Administration and Storage.. A. Medication Administration.. 1) Medication, whether prescription or nonprescription, may not be administered to a child in care unless:a) Parental permission to administer the medication is documented on a completed, signed, and dated medication authorization form, provided by the office, that is received by the provider or substitute before the medication is administered; andb) A licensed health practitioner has approved the
13a.15.11.05.htm 13A.15.11.05. 05 Smoking.. A. If a resident of the family child care home smokes cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, the provider shall make this known in advance to parents who are considering placing their children in the provider's care.B. Smoking Restrictions.. 1) A provider and any other individual who has child care responsibilities may not smoke in the immediate presence of a child in care.2) During the family child care home's approved hours of operation, if an enrolled child is or will
13a.15.11.06.htm 13A.15.11.06. 06 Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs.. A provider, substitute, volunteer, or additional adult may not consume an alcoholic beverage or an illegal or nonprescribed controlled dangerous substance while:A. Present at the family child care home during the home's approved hours of operation; or. B. Providing or assisting with the care of children on or away from the premises of the family child care home.
13a.15.11.9999.htm 13A.15.11.9999. Administrative History Effective date: October 20, 2008 (35:21 Md. R. 1826). Regulation .01C amended effective March 21, 2011 (38:6 Md. R. 396). Regulation .03 amended effective January 13, 2020 (47:1 Md. R. 12). Regulation .04 amended effective June 24, 2013 (40:12 Md. R. 1043). Regulation .04A, E amended effective April 19, 2010 (37:8 Md. R. 618). Regulation .04B amended effective March 21, 2011 (38:6 Md. R. 396).
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