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13a.14.10.00.htm 13A.14.10.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 14 CHILD AND FAMILY DAY CARE Chapter 10 Child Care Accreditation Support Fund Authority: Family Law Article, §5-551 and 5-573, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.14.10.01.htm 13A.14.10.01. 01 Scope.. This chapter governs the operation of the Child Care Accreditation Support Fund and sets forth the:. A. Requirements for applying for an award under the Fund;. B. Basis and procedure for making an award; and. C. Penalties for providing false information in order to obtain an award..
13a.14.10.02.htm 13A.14.10.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Accreditation" means the assessment of a facility by an accreditation organization approved by the Office, such as the:a) Maryland State Department of Education;. b) National Association for the Education of Young Children;. c) National Association for Family Child Care;. d) National Early Childhood Professional Accreditation;.
13a.14.10.03.htm 13A.14.10.03. 03 Fund Uses and Limitations.. A. An award under the Fund:. 1) Shall be applied only toward a:. a) Fee required for national accreditation; or. b) A program improvement cost;. 2) May be made only to:. a) An approved accrediting organization on behalf of a provider for the actual expense of the application fee; orb) The provider as reimbursement for a program improvement cost;. 3) May not be:. a) Used for costs incurred by the applicant for:. i) Facility improvement; or.
13a.14.10.04.htm 13A.14.10.04. 04 Applications.. A. The Office shall accept applications only from a:. 1) Registered family child care provider; or. 2) Licensed child care owner, operator, or director.. B. To apply for accreditation support for national accreditation, the applicant shall submit to the Office a complete application, which includes:1) An application form, supplied by the Office, which has been completed and signed by the applicant;2) A copy of the completed application form for ac
13a.14.10.05.htm 13A.14.10.05. 05 Prohibitions and Penalties.. A. An applicant for an award under the Fund may not make or cause to be made a false statement or report:1) In any application or documentation furnished to the Office under the requirements of this chapter; or2) For the purpose of influencing the action of the Office on any matter related to an award, either before or after the award has been made.B. Violation of §A of this regulation shall result in forfeiture of any claim to an award under the
13a.14.10.9999.htm 13A.14.10.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 1, 2001 (28:12 Md. R. 1105) ―. Transferred from COMAR 07.04.10 to 13A.14.10 effective January 1, 2006. Regulation .02B amended effective May 16, 2011 (38:10 Md. R. 616). Regulation .03 amended effective May 16, 2011 (38:10 Md. R. 616). Regulation .04 amended effective May 16, 2011 (38:10 Md. R. 616).
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