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13a.14.09.00.htm 13A.14.09.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 14 CHILD AND FAMILY DAY CARE Chapter 09 Maryland Child Care Credential Program Authority: Family Law Article, §5-551 and 5-573, Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.14.09.01.htm 13A.14.09.01. 01 Scope.. This chapter governs the operation of the Maryland Child Care Credential Program and sets forth the:. A. Requirements for participation in the program;. B. Process for application into the program;. C. Basis and procedure for making determinations and awards; and. D. Penalties for providing false information in order to obtain an award..
13a.14.09.02.htm 13A.14.09.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) “Accreditation” means the assessment of a child care facility by an accreditation organization approved by the Office, such as, but not limited to, the:a) Maryland State Department of Education;. b) National Association for the Education of Young Children;. c) National Association for Family Child Care; or. d) National Early Childhood Professional Accreditation..
13a.14.09.03.htm 13A.14.09.03. 03 General Requirements.. A. To qualify at each credential level, an applicant shall meet the requirements for that level.. B. Eligibility for Participation.. 1) Participation in the credential program is limited to providers, as defined at Regulation .02B(33) of this chapter.2) The following individuals who are employed or serve in a child care facility are not eligible to participate in the credential program:a) Substitutes;. b) Volunteers;. c) Support staff, such as
13a.14.09.04.htm 13A.14.09.04. 04 Child Care Credential Requirements.. A. Staff Credential 1. The only qualification for a level 1 credential shall be:. 1) Current registration as a family child care provider or co-provider; or. 2) Qualification by the Office as a child care facility:. a) Director; or. b) Staff member.. B. Staff Credential 2. Qualification for a level 2 credential requires:. 1) Successful completion of 45 clock hours of core of knowledge training, of which 20 clock hours sh
13a.14.09.05.htm 13A.14.09.05. 05 Application for Credential.. A. A separate application is required for each level of a Staff Credential or an Administrator Credential.B. Application for Participation.. 1) The Office shall accept applications only from individuals.. 2) To participate, each applicant shall submit to the Office a complete application, which includes:. a) An application form, supplied by the Office, which is completed and signed by the applicant;. b) Documentation of all:.
13a.14.09.06.htm 13A.14.09.06. 06 Credential Achievement Bonus.. A. A credential program participant shall receive an achievement bonus upon:. 1) Initial entry into the credential program at Staff Credential or Administrator Credential level 2 or higher; and2) Achievement thereafter of:. a) Each successively higher credential level; or. b) Annual approval at:. i) Staff Credential levels 4 Plus through 6; or. ii) Administrator Credential levels 2 through 4.. B. An achievement bonus shall be awarded:.
13a.14.09.07.htm 13A.14.09.07. 07 Training Vouchers and Reimbursement.. A. Eligibility for a training voucher or reimbursement is limited to individuals participating in the credential program at level two or higher.B. During the 12-month credential period, a participant may receive not more than $400 in training vouchers and reimbursements to pay for the cost of approved core of knowledge training.C. Application for Training Vouchers.. 1) An application for a training voucher shall be accepted only for a pre-s
13a.14.09.08.htm 13A.14.09.08. 08 Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund.. A. Fund Uses and Limitations. An award under the Fund:. 1) Shall be:. a) Applied toward the cost of:. i) Tuition;. ii) College fees; and. iii) Course-required textbooks; and. b) Used by a grantee only for the actual expense of college course work incurred subsequent to an award toward completion of:i) A college degree in early childhood education or a related field; or. ii) Developmental course work needed to meet prere
13a.14.09.09.htm 13A.14.09.09. 09 Tiered Reimbursement.. A. Application for Participation.. 1) The Office shall accept an application to participate in the tiered reimbursement program only from:a) A registered family day care provider who is currently providing child care for at least one unrelated child; orb) An operator of a licensed child care center or letter of compliance facility.. 2) An applicant for tiered program participation shall make application in a form and format approved by the Office.
13a.14.09.9999.htm 13A.14.09.9999. Administrative History Effective date: July 1, 2001 (28:12 Md. R. 1104). Chapter revised effective August 15, 2005 (32:16 Md. R. 1391) ―. Transferred from COMAR 07.04.09 to 13A.14.09 effective January 1, 2006 ―. Chapter revised effective September 10, 2007 (34:18 Md. R. 1581). Regulation .02B amended effective April 6, 2009 (36:7 Md. R. 526) January 4, 2010 (36:26 Md. R. 1998)Regulation .03B amended effective January 4, 2010 (36:26 Md. R. 1998).
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