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13a.14.06.00.htm 13A.14.06.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 14 CHILD AND FAMILY DAY CARE Chapter 06 Child Care Subsidy Program Authority: Education Article, §2-303 and Title 9.5, Annotated Code of Maryland Agency Note: Federal Regulatory Reference ― Child Care and Development Fund 45 CFR 98.50
13a.14.06.01.htm 13A.14.06.01. 01 Purpose.. The purpose of the Child Care Subsidy Program is to provide financial assistance with child care costs to families that meet applicable State or federal eligibility requirements.
13a.14.06.02.htm 13A.14.06.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Absence" means the failure of a child to attend or appear at the child care program.. 2) "Administrative disqualification hearing" means a hearing held by an administrative law judge of the Office of Administrative Hearings to determine if an intentional program violation (IPV) has occurred for which disqualification is a sanction.3) "Administrative law ju
13a.14.06.03.htm 13A.14.06.03. 03 Eligibility.. A. To be eligible for the CCS Program, a customer shall:. 1) Be a resident of the State of Maryland;. 2) Meet the need requirement set forth at §E of this regulation; and. 3) Meet the income requirement set forth at §F of this regulation of this chapter.. B. Citizenship Status. To receive CCS Program services, a child shall be a:. 1) United States (U.S. citizen; or. 2) Qualified alien, as defined in Regulation .02B(44) of this chapter.. C. Proof of Identity..
13a.14.06.04.htm 13A.14.06.04. 04 Pursuit of Child Support Obligations.. A. A customer who has the care of a child eligible for child support services pursuant to COMAR shall pursue the establishment and enforcement of support obligations on behalf of the child as required by the contractor.B. If the customer is pursuing or receiving regular child support payments for the child, the customer shall furnish documentation verifying this action to the contractor at the time of application fo
13a.14.06.05.htm 13A.14.06.05. 05 Application Process.. A. A customer shall apply to the contractor for CCS Program services.. B. In order to be approved to receive CCS Program services, a customer shall submit a complete application to the contractor by fax or mail, which shall consist of:1) A completed, signed, and dated CCS Program services application form approved by the Division;. 2) Verification of employment earnings;. 3) If applicable, verification of training or school attendance with days a
13a.14.06.06.htm 13A.14.06.06. 06 Provider Requirements.. A. Subsidized child care services may be provided only by:. 1) A family child care home;. 2) A child care center; or. 3) An individual approved by the CCS Branch to provide informal child care.. B. Maryland EXCELS Participation.. 1) Effective June 29, 2015, the operator of a child care center or a family child care home may not receive CCS Program reimbursement for child care services provided on or after that date unless the operator has applied on o
13a.14.06.07.htm 13A.14.06.07. 07 Child Care Vouchers.. A. Use of Voucher.. 1) A CCS Program voucher may be used only with:. a) A child care center;. b) A family child care home: or. c) An approved informal child care provider.. 2) An informal child care voucher may be used only for informal child care.. B. Voucher Issuance.. 1) A contractor shall:. a) Issue a voucher to an eligible customer that is:. i) Effective from the date a signed and dated application is received and all required verifications
13a.14.06.08.htm 13A.14.06.08. 08 Service Groups.. A. Except that primary consideration within a service priority shall be given to a family requiring CCS Program services for a child with a disability or evidence of homelessness, provision of CCS Program services to a family shall be made according to established service priorities, which are:1) Priority 1, the highest service priority, which includes individuals who are receiving TCA and are:a) Job searching;.
13a.14.06.09.htm 13A.14.06.09. 09 Redetermination.. A. Unless a family with an open case is placed on program freeze status due to insufficient program funds, a contractor shall make a determination of child care need for a family:1) When there are significant changes in the family situation that may affect program eligibility, such as the reportable events set forth at Regulation .03G of this chapter;2) At least every 12 months; or. 3) Within 10 calendar days of the completion of an Early Head Start or Head
13a.14.06.10.htm 13A.14.06.10. 10 Termination.. A. The contractor shall terminate CCS Program payments if the:. 1) Program is reduced because of insufficient funds or is oversubscribed;. 2) Contractor determines that the parent violates the requirements of the CCS Program; or. 3) Customer:. a) Fails to submit a complete application as specified at Regulation .05B of this chapter;. b) Is no longer eligible on the basis of need or of income:.
13a.14.06.11.htm 13A.14.06.11. 11 Payments for Child Care Services.. A. Basis of Payment.. 1) A sufficient number of invoice forms will be sent to the provider to cover the necessary service periods of a voucher after the voucher has been returned to the local department.2) A child care provider is paid:. a) According to the weekly service unit rates as set out in §B―D of this regulation for subsidies and Regulation .10B of this chapter for copayments;b) Based on 21.69 days in each month; and.
13a.14.06.12.htm 13A.14.06.12. 12 Copayments.. A. Parental Copayments.. 1) An individual or family who uses CCS Program services shall contribute financially to the cost of those services, except for the following, who are exempt:a) TCA applicants or recipients pursuant to Regulation .08A(1) of this chapter;. b) SSI recipients; or. c) A CCS customer for a voucher issued for a voluntary closure period as defined in Regulation .02B of this chapter.2) Except for additional vouchers issued for volun
13a.14.06.13.htm 13A.14.06.13. 13 Confidentiality.. A. Except under certain circumstances established by law, information provided by a family in applying for a federal, State, or local jurisdiction assistance program is protected from disclosure under the:1) Food Stamp Act of 1977, as amended; and. 2) Human Services Article, §1-202, Annotated Code of Maryland.. B. A family has the right to review its case file after providing a written request to the CCS Branch.C. Information obtained from families applying for
13a.14.06.14.htm 13A.14.06.14. 14 Intentional Program Violations.. A. Notice of intentional program violation disqualification penalties shall be posted in clear and prominent lettering on the:1) CCS Program application form used by a customer to apply for child care subsidy; and. 2) Terms of agreement completed by a provider when a child is enrolled for CCS Program services.. B. If the contractor receives information that a customer or a provider may have committed an intentional program violation,
13a.14.06.15.htm 13A.14.06.15. 15 Hearings and Appeals.. A. Appeal by Customer. A customer may request a hearing if the contractor:. 1) Denies, suspends, reduces, or terminates assistance;. 2) Fails to act with reasonable promptness on an application for, or a request for adjustment of assistance; or3) Imposes sanctions on a recipient; or. 4) Recovers an overpayment in assistance.. B. Notice.. 1) The contractor shall send written notice of any adverse action in writing:. a) To the customer; and.
13a.14.06.9999.htm 13A.14.06.9999. Administrative History Effective date: February 1, 1973. Regulations .01―16 adopted effective July 21, 1976 (3:15 Md. R. 785). Regulation .08C amended effective June 26, 1981 (8:13 Md. R. 1137). Regulation .09A amended effective June 26, 1981 (8:13 Md. R. 1137). Regulation .09B amended effective July 1, 1980 (7:13 Md. R. 1272). Regulation .11 amended effective June 30, 1978 (5:13 Md. R. 1041) June 26, 1981 (8:13 Md. R. 1137). Regulation .12A amended effective June 16, 1978 (5
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