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13a.12.01.00.htm 13A.12.01.00. Title 13A STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Subtitle 12 CERTIFICATION Chapter 01 General Provisions Authority: Education Article, §2-205, 2-303(g) and 6-701―6-706; Family Law Article, §10-119.3; Annotated Code of Maryland
13a.12.01.01.htm 13A.12.01.01. 01 Purpose of Licensure in Maryland.. Certification of professional education personnel by the State is established to offer assurance to the citizens of this State that:A. Professional public educational staff possess the minimum essential knowledge and skills needed to achieve outcomes for public education declared by the State Board of Education;B. The results of professional preparation and training are united with the instructional practices and outcomes expected for
13a.12.01.02.htm 13A.12.01.02. 02 Definitions.. A. In this subtitle, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. B. Terms Defined.. 1) "Acceptable credit" means content or professional education course work earned or taught after the conferral of the bachelor's or higher degree as provided in Regulation .05C of this chapter.2) "Accredited" has the meaning stated in §B(17) of this regulation.. 3) "Accredited nonpublic school" means a nonpublic school accredited by a national organization, reg
13a.12.01.03.htm 13A.12.01.03. 03 Personnel.. A. The regulations in this subtitle are established as certification standards for personnel educating students. A local school system may establish additional requirements as a condition of employment.B. Personnel Subject to Certification.. 1) Public Schools.. a) A teacher employed in an early childhood, elementary, PreK―12 or secondary school program in the public school systems of Maryland shall hold an appropriate certificate under COMAR 13A.12.02.
13a.12.01.04.htm 13A.12.01.04. 04 Options for Obtaining Initial Maryland Certification.. A. An applicant shall fulfill initial certification standards by completing one of the approved options in §B―G of this regulation or a local school system may request a conditional certificate for an applicant who does not meet the requirements for a professional certificate, if the requirements under Regulation .08 of this chapter are satisfied.B. Maryland Approved Programs. The applicant shall complete a program appro
13a.12.01.05.htm 13A.12.01.05. 05 General Requirements for Professional Certificates.. A. General Standards. An applicant for a professional certificate shall meet the following requirements unless otherwise provided in §D of this regulation:1) Receive a bachelor's or higher degree from an IHE;. 2) Complete one of the certification options under Regulation .04 of this chapter; and. 3) Submit:. a) Evidence of qualifying scores as established by the State Superintendent of Schools on the teache
13a.12.01.06.htm 13A.12.01.06. 06 Professional Certificates.. A. Professional Eligibility Certificate.. 1) A Professional Eligibility Certificate shall be issued to an applicant who:. a) Meets all standards under Regulation .05 of this chapter; and. b) Is not currently employed as a professional in a local school system.. 2) A professional eligibility certificate is valid for 5 years.. 3) If the individual signs a regular contract to serve as a professional within the local school system, the local superinten
13a.12.01.07.htm 13A.12.01.07. 07 Resident Teacher Certificate.. A. Definitions.. 1) In this regulation, the following terms have the meanings indicated.. 2) Terms Defined.. a) "Comparable state-approved test" means an assessment, approved by a state certification agency, that tests proficiency in basic skill areas such as reading, writing, and mathematics or in content areas such as English, mathematics, science, and social studies, lists of which are maintained by the Department.b) "Clock hours" means ho
13a.12.01.08.htm 13A.12.01.08. 08 Conditional Certificate.. A. Conditional Teacher Certificate.. 1) A local school system shall request a Conditional Teacher Certificate only if a local school system is unable to fill a position with a qualified person who holds a professional certificate.2) An applicant hired by a local school system, who holds a bachelor's or higher degree from an IHE but does not meet the requirements for a professional certificate, may be issued the Conditional Teacher Degree Certificate a
13a.12.01.08-1.htm 13A.12.01.08-1. 08-1 Adjunct Certificate.. A. The Maryland State Department of Education may issue an adjunct certificate upon the request of a local school system superintendent or an education director of a nonpublic school approved under COMAR 13A.09.10.B. The request for adjunct certification must include:. 1) The name and credentials of the individual;. 2) The course name and content to be taught; and.
13a.12.01.09.htm 13A.12.01.09. 09 Certificate Form.. A. Basic Information. All certificates shall have the same basic information which shall include all of the following information:1) Applicant's name and identification number;. 2) Period of validity;. 3) Highest degree earned;. 4) Type of certificate;. 5) Specific certification areas; and. 6) Notice of responsibility to renew.. B. Period of Validity. A certificate shall remain valid to the expiration date designated on the current certificate form und
13a.12.01.10.htm 13A.12.01.10. 10 Issuance of Certificates.. A. Application Procedure.. 1) To obtain certification in a specific area, an applicant, or local school system on behalf of the applicant, shall submit a written request and documentation as required by the Department and in accordance with Family Law Article, §5-560 et seq. Annotated Code of Maryland.2) Documentation shall be evaluated by the Department or its designee and an application shall be provided to an applicant who satisfies the requireme
13a.12.01.11.htm 13A.12.01.11. 11 Renewal of Certificates.. A. General.. 1) An applicant who receives a certificate is responsible for initiating the renewal of the certificate.2) Renewal requirements shall be received at the Department within 90 days of the expiration date listed under "Period of Validity" on the certification in order for the certificate to be considered continuous.3) Failure to Meet Requirements. Failure to meet the requirements of this section results in loss of the professional certifi
13a.12.01.12.htm 13A.12.01.12. 12 Reinstatement of a Certificate.. A. General.. 1) A Professional Certificate or Professional Eligibility Certificate shall be reinstated if an applicant presents 6 semester hours of acceptable credit as set forth in Regulation .05C of this chapter.2) If a teacher has not submitted the required semester hours in reading course work, the acceptable credit needed shall include the reading course work under Regulation .11A(5) of this chapter.B. Exemptions.. 1) A teacher holding an e
13a.12.01.13.htm 13A.12.01.13. 13 Adding New Certification Areas.. In General. Additional specific certification areas shall be added to a teacher's professional certificate if the applicant:A. Meets the requirements under COMAR 13A.12.03 or 13A.12.04;. B. Meets the following requirements:. 1) For elementary or early childhood education, obtains 30 credits distributed across the four content areas of English, social studies, math, and science, with at least 6 credits in each content area2) For secondary, middle
13a.12.01.14.htm 13A.12.01.14. 14 Waivers and Special Certification Provisions.. A. Waiver of Certification Requirements. Except for teacher certification tests, the State Superintendent of Schools has the authority to waive the specific requirements for a certificate in an individual case if the State Superintendent of Schools determines, after thorough investigation, that the applicant's preparation or experience, or both, are adequate to justify a waiver.B. Special Allowances. Renewal requirements for an
13a.12.01.9999.htm 13A.12.01.9999. Administrative History Effective date:. For a history of certification requirements before January 1, 1989, see the Administrative History for COMAR 13A.07.01.Regulations .01―08, .10―12, and .15 adopted effective January 1, 1989 (15:26 Md. R. 2985). Regulation .06C amended effective September 2, 1991 (18:17 Md. R. 1921). Regulation .08-1 adopted effective April 1, 1991 (18:1 Md. R. 30). Regulations .09, .13, and .14 adopted effective April 3, 1989 (16:6 Md. R. 729).
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